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Specialized Spiritual Direction[SSD]

Session contents are generated by Anne Marie attuning to specific gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I like to describe the process from my viewpoint as, "Being shown 'the bud and he blossom.'"
Quote M.B. Eddy

A calm, peaceful, non-preaching, balanced experience.


Specialized Spiritual Direction is a service option for Christians who have been actively engaged in a living faith Life or who are experiencing challenges in aspects of faith. The tradition of Spiritual Direction is for the Spiritual Companion/Director (me) to be oriented within an identified religious of Spiritual paradigm (Christianity) and for the seeker to hold that in common.

This acknowledgement allows us to recognize that the Holy Spirit and Divine Love are meeting us where we are, and are making the session possible by Grace.

LGBTIQA+ identities who are practicing Christians have always had a warm weclome here at Our Charismata.

What Makes This "Specialized" Spiritual Direction?

The Edification, Encouragement, Guidance, and Answers provided for you, based on the questions that you bring are not "my" personal Life advice, opinions or reflections that are otherwise integral to "Traditional Spiritual Direction."

KEYNOTE: The contents of your session are sourced by surpassing the finite mind and the five senses and translating for you what is shown by specific Holy Spirit Gifts.

I call those, as an abbreviation, the Spiritual Senses.

Thoughtful discussions about theology, Biblical scholarship, Church history, etc. are not the purpose for participating in a Specialized Spiritual Direction session.


Experience the expression of divinity and humanity weaving together for a perspective shift, a widened and newly focused lens of Truth about various Life areas. The session contents are specifically meant to be reflected upon by you in the Light of Scripture, your Christian faith community, your holy discernment, and your putting God first and foremost in all things!  


This service option, which shares ground with traditional Spiritual Direction/Companionship, may be just the match for you if:

  • You are actively practicing in the Christian faith, or in any place along that route. These sessions exist for when a person is ready to see the benefit of making space for the gifts of discernment, wisdom, counsel, edification, upbuilding, encouragement, consolation to illuminate the present, and steps forward while accompanying and deepening your faith Life in the process.

  • When you have actively chosen to have no other 'gods' before God / Christ Jesus; and this is your fullest treasure. All else in Life does not hold the central power or identity. Other 'gods' that are easy to put first, even for a most devout believer are often a romantic partner, family members, money/finances, control of the future, career, and more. SSD supports you on this sacred path.

  • If you are not interested in any personal Christian faith or inner Life work/reflection during the process of receiving this Holy guidance, the "Intuitive Consultant" service option can meet your needs.


*Not to add to or contradict the supremacy of Scripture. Not for the profit of power. Not to encourage control in any form or dependency on knowing future events. Not to replace the believer's cultivation of the virtue of Faith first and foremost going to God directly in all things. 1 Corinthians 4:13



Also known as but not identical only because of my Source origin; otherwise the content is strikingly similar to 

"Insight or Clairvoyant"

Photo © Our Charismata

C L A R I F Y I N G   and  C O N C I S E 


A Specialized Spiritual Direction session is one approach, alongside a whole host of other discernment and inner wisdom processes, that has shown to be clarifying over the millennia to the present!

The main distinction of a "Specialized Spiritual Direction" session from a "Traditional Spiritual Direction" session, is important to note.

In a Specialized Spiritual Direction session I serve to bring you your counsel exclusively through specific gifts of the Holy Spirit.
*Not to add to or contradict the supremacy of Scripture. Not for the profit of power. Not to replace the believer's cultivation of the virtue of Faith first and foremost going to God directly in all things. 1 Corinthians 4:13


Explore the  following page for further resources.




Beginning with pure intention, in a relaxed place, and having an already established foundation of your own inner Life practice(s) in the Christian faith, tends to bring the richest benefits out of the time when we do connect for this service option, and for your Life in the interim, or moving forward.

We always have access to the presence of God's guidance directly, our own inner insight, intuition and discernment.  AND ALSO

Sometimes we need to be built up or encouraged in our faith and about what we are sensing personally, which is one primary reason for the millennia-old presence of what has been called "Spiritual Direction or Companionship." Also, we find it helpful to have validation what we are intuitively sensing. To meet you there is where a Specialized Spiritual Direction (by the gifts of the Holy Spirit) session can be concise and encouraging.

At times, when we are 'directly in the middle of a situation' and embedded with emotions, an analytical or overthinking mind, it helps to have that centering, balanced perspective from a point of view that is beyond the human senses, or finite perception. In this scenario, Specialized Spiritual Direction exists to help you see and focus on what is above the waves, or the storm; not to ignore or repress this important part of your path, but to provide a genuine, Grace-filled line of sight.


From a vantage point that sees beyond the turbulence of emotions, analytical intensity, and seeming limitations, a Specialized Spiritual Direction session may serve to guide, clarify, provide stability, unify, and inspire; all in the spirit of serving to upbuild, strengthen, highlight the primacy of your Christian faith Life, and God's presence.

A Holy and Whole Welcome

Having a clear filter, a clean slate is where I begin so that any of 'my filtering' is out of the way, as much as can be. It is a skill that needs attention and humility regarding 'my position' in this experience as a bridge for Holy Counsel.

While at work, and between sessions, each moment of my working hours is in mindful preparation and presence, using my full concentration because this is my full-time vocation, and I am dedicated with sincerity.

It is a true experience of freedom when my "job" is to be present with you; the all of you. The great joy afforded to me in this work is that I place no labels on you, I have no agenda to push or sell, there is no time for me to form judgments at any point during our connection and after. I have no time to, and it is not in my job description to measure your status by the standards of the world and society; profession, income, level of education, health situation, or your season/stage of formation in the Christian faith.


Everyone is honored in a way that frees you from identities and narratives imposed upon you, and the pressures to be, speak or act a certain way. It is so lovely to meet people this way. 

The session may begin with what automatically is conveyed to me about you, or it can begin with your specific questions about various topics.  I ask you how you would like to begin. 

Kindly, at your leisure, feel welcome to read about the extra minutes at no cost to you that I pad around the actual time for the session.  B U F F E R   M I N U T E S !

Saint Francis of Assisi

People are most commonly drawn to a Specialized Spiritual Direction session to address the following.  Topics and Questions.



Life Journey/Path

This often includes an investment to more than one session (optional) because it is an ongoing collaborative system, using Charismata.

These sessions often address

  • A turbulent time with guidance specific to you 

  • A time of personal transformation (career, Love life, other) 

  • For nourishing your Spiritual practice when you feel that others may not relate to what you are experiencing

  • Spiritually (processing near death experiences, insight expressions, gifts of the Holy Spirit, that are heightening, and more).  

Clients connect when they are experiencing their own gifts heightening and are seeking professional insight, guidance, clarity about what is happening.  It can be difficult to navigate alone.

  • Providing genuine validation about what you are already sensing and discerning.


Clients have also benefited from a Specialized Spiritual Direction session for support on behalf of Loved ones, or themselves, who are in their end-of-Life stages; there is assistance for balancing out the emotions and questions during this major Life change.



What do I need to know to facilitate the changes most helpful to me?  

{This is a powerful question that is applicable to most any situation.}


What are the ways I am meant to contribute with my gifts and experiences? and what is the Spiritual Wisdom for me related to them?

What do I desire to experience? Revelatory gifts from Specialized Spiritual Direction can provide suggestions, sourced from the specific Holy Spirit gifts, for how to connect your Heart with your actions.

How do I desire to live? Am I willing to listen to suggestions as conveyed through a SSD session about possible changes I could make in my behavior, my actions; to do inner work that might take some discipline, but ultimately is self-compassion and for the benefit of all? 



Being able to tune into the thoughts and feelings of others is a large part of what provides Insight into a situation; bringing clarity to confusion, doubt, concerns, and also validation for what you are already sensing and discerning.

Relationships / Romantic and Family

What do I need to know to facilitate the changes most helpful to this situation?

What do I need to know in order to better understand my partner, or family member's actions and behaviors?


Having this insight provides you with the tools to approach the situation with fresh eyes, with validated Wisdom, with new insight about outdated patterns in play, about when it may be time to be patient or to take inspired action, guided by Love.


I would like to know about my Love Life. What are the insights about my current relationship or a person to whom I am attracted

What is the guidance for me about basing my happiness on being in a relationship?

At all times, those Messages are accompanied by the underlying theme of inspiring you to understand yourself in relation to Trust, loneliness, fear, and to the movement of your ever-alive faith Life - with Lovingkindness and aware curiosity.


As interesting as it can be to be told details about romance, Holy Spirit gifts counsel also asks us to look inward; to nourish the qualities that could be strengthened and to acknowledge the qualities that could be re-assessed, and areas or or habits that are ready to be released for your development and interior peace, as well as, to encourage the qualities that are strong.


T I M E.  "When?" 
"When will I meet this person." 

"When will I hear from him/her/they?"
"When will I get hired at the new job?"

"Predictions" are not why Specialized Spiritual Direction exists.

I am consistently shown to convey that the freer and less attached to the future the client is, the more freeing possibilities of Grace are effortlessly realized, and recognized. There is an abundance received in an unclenched fist > in an open hand.

Yes, events that have not yet occurred being shown in session fall under the Spiritual gifts of prophesying/knowledge/discernment, and can be of service, but only to a certain point. Then, comes the time to surrender the outcome of events. This step is crucial.

When the present is nourished and prioritized, (an unhealthy) a sense of attachment about "needing to know" specifics of the future peacefully fades away. It is all in the process.


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See facts about Booking, Session Experience, and Pricing

I S   M Y   S E R V I C E   S T Y L E   a   F I T   for   Y O U ?

Hi!  I hope that you may take a look at the Notebook posts listed below (they are short)!

Especially if you are considering  recurring sessions.  I like to make sure that we are on the same page before the time of the sessions.


T H A N K   Y O U  for considering  O U R  C H A R I S M A T A  to assist you.

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