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Albert White Hat 

Sičháŋǧu Lakota and Lakota Language Teacher

We [Lakota] don’t have a word for ‘animal’ in our language.

[An] Animal... means a second-class citizen that doesn’t have a mind…

In our philosophy and spirituality, all creation has a mind, has a communication system, and we call them Oyaté-Nations.
We call them ‘Wamakaska,’ living beings of the earth.

A Foundational Premise that underpins Our Charismata's Animal Communicator service.

Photo © Julie Lubick

Animal Communication

also known as

Intuitive Interspecies Communication [IIC]

Using Heart-to-Heart Language techniques and disciplined intuitive skills, I attune with your pets[1], animal family companions, and other non-human animals in a wide range of settings, which results in remarkable, verbally articulated collaborative understanding with solutions and fresh perspectives for many topics.

In harmony with you and your entire care team.

Viewed as valid and formally honored, IIC has been practiced and applied across cultures worldwide throughout the millennia.

This method has been scientifically and Academically researched and authenticated. IIC can be applied within interdisciplinary settings for inspiring and efficient outcomes.

[1] For simplicity of language 'pets,' or 'animals' are the terms used to represent animals that are non-human.

Animal Communication Definition

Animal Communication also known as "Intuitive Interspecies Communication" [IIC], is a formally validated profession. Its origins and cultural integrations vastly predate the Academic and Scientific research buzz it is garnering now. With a global community of professional practitioners, a recognized code of ethics, and eliciting sound respect for the brilliance of its applicability across diverse circumstances, there is a resurgence of (re)connecting people with its intrinsic value. 

For as much as can be written, read about, and described, it is truly the experience of a session that brings Animal Communication out of the realm of curiosity or defying logic and into the concrete, the tangible. The first-hand experience is the key to understanding its purpose and reality.
It is also known as Intuitive Interspecies Communication (IIC)
Interspecies Telepathic Communication
Essence: Sending and receiving information in real-time with sentient beings.
It serves to advance relationships among humans and animals, and natural environments.

"When we love animals and want to honor and effectively communicate with them, we must relate to them not only via their physical bodies and observable behavior, but also beyond biology and behavior--to acknowledge and communicate with them at the level of their souls." ~Teresa Wagner

D E F I N I T I O N "Intuitive interspecies communication (IIC), is a method of connecting and intuitively exchanging information with non-human animals using a highly complex set of intuitive skills. IIC occurs across many cultures and is growing in use in contemporary wildlife rehabilitation, conservation, veterinary care, and is often used for resolving human-animal conflicts in domestic contexts. While IIC can occur while in direct physical proximity to a non-human animal, it can also occur over great distances and does not require face-to-face encounters nor the visual, auditory, voice or other cues humans normally associate with interactive communication." Dr. MJ Barrett University of Saskatchewan SOURCE PRACTICE DETAIL "Having a person who deeply cares, understands and who will not attempt to pacify us with platitudes or impose their own religious, spiritual or new age beliefs about how we are supposed to view animals..." Teresa Wagner SOURCE

Intuitive Interspecies Communication [IIC] or Animal Communication is what happens when the human "communicator" is present with an inner posture of humility and respect, and puts herself in a space of resonance. 

No longer objectifying others with whom we share space, animal communication navigates the realm where anything is possible, yet without judging, scientifically compartmentalizing, or labeling. It calls on the discipline to be aware about not projecting our own emotions, desires, and prior knowledge into the open, peaceful line of two-way communication.

~paraphrasing of quotes by a master and modern pioneer of IIC, Anna Breytenbach

Animal Communication is not just about knowledge in the observable, scientific sense.

While the medical, empirical way of assessing is vitally important,

this modality is about the

Encounter without imposed limitations,

Listening with the Heart, Freedom given to the animal's distinct inner voice.

To know what is valuable to them, what is important to them, what harms them, what gives them a feeling of safety, and what uplifts them substantially. 

Animal Communication is not the process of forcing the participating animal(s) to do or act a certain way. Neither is it "mind-control."

How is this possible

Viewed as valid and formally honored, IIC has been practiced and applied across cultures worldwide throughout the millennia.

This method has been scientifically and Academically researched and authenticated.

IIC can be applied within interdisciplinary settings for inspiring and efficient outcomes.

Your "Insider's look," straight from Academic Research

"The mutual exchange of visceral feelings, emotions, mental impressions, and thoughts, embodies sensations of touch, smell, taste, sound, as well as visuals in the mind's eye. IIC appears as detailed, non-verbal, and non-physical forms of communication between species. While these exchanges can occur while in direct phsyical proximity to the animal, they can also occur over great distances." SOURCE: Barrett et. al. 2021, p. 151.

With special thanks and appreciation for the work of Dr. MJ Barrett of the University of Saskatchewan


M E E T  and  G R E E T

Each Animal Communicator has a personalized approach. In the time preparing before a session appointment and during the time of connecting, I set myself in a mindfully meditative, receptive, serene, thankful, and welcoming state of being and Heart. Breath work, tuning into the breath and the Heart resonance is essential in my personal process. In no time, the exchange begins. I ask permission of them first; if they are welcoming to communicate with me. In my experience with this service of great Love shown by them, there has been the positive response. Sometimes the animal companion has questions for me first in order to feel comfortable with me, or to understand that their honest responses will not lead to trouble or embarrassement for anyone. This greeting process happens all within milliseconds.  It is naturally very helpful if the animal, or animals are with you when we all connect for the session! Even if they are napping or busy, there is the still the opportunity to connect strongly. All questions are honored. Your boundaries are honored as well, which is part of how ethics informs working with a professional. In my practice I have established the following: only what you ask is what I translate messages about. In other words... "I" have no access, and seek no access, regarding your thoughts, Life, etc. that you rightly expect to remain private.

Animals understand our limitations and perspectives.

Yes, to be clear, your non-human animal family, pets, companion(s), or those in your care communicate with me most commonly by the Spiritual senses, telepathy, images, clairsentience, clairaudience etc., and I, then, share with you what has been expressed. 


This service opens up the way for a reciprocal communication experience.

"Someone is translating, ok!"

The animal family are always imparting a sense of freedom and acceptance, and are really thankful that you are asking on their they kind of "light up" and express, "Someone is translating, ok!" Sometimes, interfering a nap or another important task is inconvenient, as has been expressed, but in the end they are so selfless that they will take time to participate. Also! Sometimes, they become very relaxed during a session so it appears that they are resting, but they are actually... how can I describe it!... helping to make the connection clear, fluent, vibrant, and welcoming.

The Christian Spirituality of Animal Communication

An excerpt from "The Work of Mercy" by Mark P. Shea: "Christ comes to us through innumerable creatures, since all creation is sacramental. One of the sacramentals bringing us Christ is our neighbor... The stunning truth is that Christ is present in all those you meet. How you treat them is how you treat Him. Your neighbor is God's gift to you, a sacramental through whom Christ works in your Soul." The Work of Mercy. Shea, Mark P. Franciscan Media. 2011. The remarkable simplicity of this statement allows us to broaden our view of what "neighbor" can mean. ..."Since all creation is sacramental," then it follows naturally that pets, wildlife, the animals we live with as neighbors (and family) in this world are sacred, worthy of our most Loving virtues, thoughts, words, and deeds. Worthy of getting to know in profound ways, beyond an otherwise "lowly or limited" perception. Here we are invited to be free of those limitations toward our Loving neighbors and to understand them with eyes and ears of wisdom, discernment, and faithful receptivity.

Picture of my youth

THIS  EXPLAINS  A  LOT !    From my earliest memories, "animals/pets" were not "other."

I always felt, and still feel, at home and at peace concerning "animals," which contributes to the Trust needed for specialized communication.

Thankfully, since we were best buds, the miniature Schnauzer of my childhood was the sharing type!

Professional Credentials
Experience as a Professional Animal Communicator

P U R E  L O V E !

Professionally for 15 years, this is an area of specialty for which I am particularly full of Love. I have had a strong connection to the abilities necessary for True animal communication* from birth, and have been innately communicating with animals (domestic and wild) since my early childhood. *Animal Communicators are also called Intuitive Interspecies Communicators [IIC].  As an established IIC professional, naturally, it is my joy to continually refine, and nurture, the faculties that make my contribution as helpful as can be, stay updated on the research, and to learn from the best; the beauties themselves! I aspire not to take anything for granted, and there is always a learning opportunity; which keeps me both humbled (in a fresh mindset) and open for how I may best provide these services. As a seasoned professional, to serve in this way continues to open within me an immeasurable place in my Heart. This resonance of gratitude can be called the presence carried within that creates a receptive, still space for animals, and so they are welcoming the conversation.  Gratitude is also Soul-deep within me for our non-human animal family and all that they give, all that they teach, show, and what they bring with their presence.  Here, applying the skillful practice of deep listening is fundamental, rather than imposing my feelings, thoughts, or solutions into the situation. The lesson has stayed with me: it is wise to observe them at length and it is wise to learn from them in all of the ways possible. While trusting an Animal Communicator in a professional capacity, it oftens helps clients to know that: in addition to mentorships, professional personal development, and the collective experiences of learning that arise from each session (many, countless voluntary and professional sessions), that an animal communicator was born with this way of knowing. There are aspects to serving as a professional that are not in the realm of "being taught," "certified by attending another Animal Communicator's workshops," or to come from book knowledge only. While those two methods are to be fully respected if an Animal Communicator studies to become one, I perceive those methods as having a different texture in quality when it comes to real-time sessions. Not better, not worse; simply a difference in fluidity that is inherent with an Animal Communicator who arrived in this world having received the inborn gift. All the same to provide services professionally and ethically, it is wise for an "inherent" to take classes, attend workshops, and read the published material written by colleagues during different phases in the profession. Thank you for considering me to assist you with an Animal Communication session!

Animals bring me immediately into the present moment,
and into a place of feeling that I am unconditionally accepted, Loved purely.
Surely you have experienced this too.

Contributing to translating as a voice for animals is my little way with Love, to show my Life-long thanks.

During Animal Communication sessions, the animals innately respect and trust me (no matter my age or appearance). Responding to who I am with these levels of effortless respect and trust are often rare for me to experience from fellow humans because my profession is unconventional, so I feel the gratitude from this type of recognition also. In turn, my mind and being are put at ease, which helps the entire communication process.

The animals do not internally hold any skepticism or doubt regarding animal communication, unlike the human companions who are generally still wrestling with its purpose.

I do not have to prove anything to the animal participants!

Rather, they discern the Heart of my presence immediately and share with freedom and ease as if they have known me a long while. The animals see that I always value learning from them and about how they know and communicate. These continue to be exceptional lessons for me.

Anne Marie Varrella

How can I not be enthusiastic about bringing this service into the Lives of others after getting to know the 'animal family' for who they really are and what they can contribute with a deeper exchange in communication?  Their particular personalities, oftentimes strong opinions, witty humor, unexpected insights, complete respect towards me (as it is mutual), and zero baggage or judgment makes animal communication sessions very dear to me.


Animals are naturally resonating and dwelling in Unconditional Love,

and part of expressing that Love is the opportunity to help us arrive at this place within our own Lives.

"My life’s calling wasn’t only to work with animals; it was to work with them to help people."  Danielle Mackinnon, and in agreement, ~Anne Marie at Our Charismata
Artwork © Olivia Wendel

The relevance specific to your situation is so straightforward that any session information can be put into action right away!

C O M M U N I C A T I O N   T O P I C S    I N C L U D E  

their general thoughts, responses to your questions for them, any questions/requests they have for you, explaining why there is a certain behavior, and helping both 'human' and 'animal' understand each others' point of view on the matter.   MORE DETAILS BELOW

Journal Post An Comms

O V E R V I E W   of   T O P I C S  

that can be creatively applied to most any situation






Emotions and thoughts conveyed telepathically and translated by me to communicate to you.

Essentially, what are their thoughts?

* Know your animals' emotional needs, in varying circumstances, and understand how that relates to your coexistence.  

*  Be able to look at things through the animals' eyes.  See and include their point of view when making or enforcing boundaries (rules). 

*  Clearly help the animals understand  W H Y,  you, other humans, and other animals prefer and feel the most comfortable, the most safe with the outlined, explained boundaries / rules.

They have to know the why of it!  It is so simple!

[Here clients also usually learn a quick practice in real time, if they do not already know, of sending the animal friend a mental, visual image message... because visual images from you (often more than vocalizing) are a strong communication preference.]

*   Discover what is behind a worrisome behavior.  For example, phobias, inappropriate elimination, aggression, extreme anxiety, excessive pacing, gnawing, among others.

* Clear up the cause, or causes behind the identified behaviors to reestablish mutual understanding, and identify the key thoughts and actions for the journey going forward. 


Insight helps with the transition, bonding, and allows you to get a picture of what the animal companion experienced before (if necessary).  This assists in how to ease any remaining trauma, and promote healing surrounding previous living conditions, neglect or abandonment.


* Feelings and thoughts about the dynamics in the home; new additions, a recent death, etc.

Feelings or concerns about relationships among more than one animal companion in the home.  Who is going through a rough patch and why.  Mutual exchange of ideas for how to address this area; shed light and understanding.

* Topics you would like to be sure your animal family understands.


* Food preferences and food sensitivities. General sensitivities and related requests.


* How much play time / energy expression is ideal.  Does it change from day to day?  Does weather affect this?   Agreeing on a way to let the human know, “This is great,” “Too much,” “A little more today please?”  Insight into creative ideas to implement.
This includes MENTAL ENERGY exertion, too!  Some animal companions are thinkers and learners at heart!

* Insight into the contributors to dis-eases, and possible interventions that show to be the most compatible and promising for the specifics of your animal companion's body and mind.


Understanding how to ease separation anxiety.


*  Easing potential anxiety or related emotional upset about:
    1. Being at the Veterinarian's office
    2. Extended stays at “Pet Hotels, Spas, Retreats”

    3. Bathing / Grooming
    4. Daycare
    5. Boarding
    6. Visits to, or extended stays in, entirely new environments; relatives,  partners,
       “pet” sitters.



Discerning the most compatible learning styles, and finding out about related requests to optimize learning.

I Love this!  Identifying, or confirming, their unique talents, skills, tailored-to-them abilities, including talents-to-be-fulfilled-wishes (dreams..."Is this possible, please?!").  

AN INNATE SENSE OF PURPOSE  That could include a type of job or volunteer position, or how the animal companions would further like to share their skills and abilities in the service of others. 


* Insight into the 'end of Life' phases of animal companions, and how it is from their perspective.

Know if they are ready to pass on and say, 'Goodbye.'  Additionally, there is often the communication about: 'Look for these signs from me, after the time has come.'

Understand and confirm what aids in comfort, or easing / transforming pain. Insights into how 'pain' is experienced by animal companions.


* Requests made by Y O U  to your animal family (pets) and the response.


* Specific requests made by the animal companions.  


* Specifics the animal friend truly enjoys (and sometimes asks for more of). These can be surprising!


* Wisdom and Insight from the animal companion out of Love to assist you.

* And most possibly any possibility!


New to an Animal Communication Session? 

T I P S  F O R   P R E P A R I N G!  Allow the space for all of your questions, your thoughts, and emotions to shine while you are writing them in preparation!  You are gently encouraged to be playful, creative, curious, courageous, to think out of the box, and to try not to censor yourself as you are brainstorming your questions for your beloved animal family, companions, and those in your care!

This is truly a judgment-free atmosphere, and your Love and efforts for your animal family or companions is greatly honored.  

When relevant to the client; the sessions and the content are not intended to work against what you, your veterinarian, trainer, or animal behaviorist are indicating. The aspiration is to maintain a collective harmony with all of your chosen modalities and, as you decide, the insights provided from your session with Our Charismata.

A link for


"Topics Overview" PDF for Animal Communication with Anne Marie at Our Charismata, for your convenience.

Easy to Navigate Topics Page
Overview of Topics

O P E N - M I N D E D  Participation is  v a l u a b l e 

Communicating with your "live" animal companion(s) may shed Light on many areas your animal friend/family has been trying to express to you, or even for you.


A lot can unfold in these sessions.  I have noticed the most benefit from these sessions when the client is ready, and willing, to be open-minded about important changes that may be requested in any area of your animal friend's life and also yours.



A  C O L L A B O R A T I V E  A P P R O A C H 

The sessions and the content are not intended to work against what you, your veterinarian, trainer, or animal behaviorist are indicating.  The aspiration is to bring into, or keep, all of your chosen modalities in harmony.  They can all support each other and bring out the greatest qualities that work together for the good; and these are the outcomes that insight can provide during a session.

The applicable communication from your animal companion, by nature, helps in this spirit of collaboration.

If Information that I translate seems to provide an alternate method, approach, or is seemingly "at odds" with what you feel is best to do, or what your team of professionals are communicating, please defer to them, and your own innate insight. 


Many times there is a way to blend, combine, or create an intersection of the seemingly "at odds" pieces of Information so that they are functioning in collaboration. 


Clients end up sharing photos after a session so that I may "meet" visually the dear One I just connected with if the session was held by telephone, or to simply celebrate the animal companion. Some portraits can be found in the


Animal Clients Gallery

A Portrait of Mentors

Photographed are two main sources of inspiration for my presence, dedication, and Love in the field of Animal Communication.

Photo © Our Charismata

One could connect and understand with all animals and Living beings during all the time I knew him in a way that was remarkable, and I paid close attention. He did not broadcast this part of his Life, nor did he let just anyone know about that piece of his Wisdom.  

The other with the handsome whiskers...well, let's just say he was by that time the 4th miniature Schnauzer of my Life and the one who by far specialized in opening my Heart to the broadest possibilities of giving with all that you have, being present, being still for listening, and remaining playful. Both family members are constant reminders of my motivational joy, and my hope about what I may contribute for you.

Honorable Mentors
An Comm Code of Ethics
Animal Communicators / Interspecies Telepathic Communicators  Code of Ethics  
By Exemplar and Teacher Penelope Smith.  
It is so Lovingly and lucidly articulated that I had to include it within my Ethical Code of Conduct. Thank you Ms. Smith.


See facts about Booking, Session Experience, and Pricing

Animal Communicator Anne Marie at Our Charismata
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