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Preparing for Your Session



It takes courage, a big Heart, compassion, trust, and sometimes productive vulnerability to invest in your Life by participating in any session style.  It is lovely that you are considering, or have booked, a session here at Our Charismata.

I happily support you being informed about the optimal use of your time and your investment.  

The steps that you take in preparing before a session and how you choose to be present and receptive during a session can contribute to the quality of our time together immensely! 

B E F O R E  W E  C O N N E C T  for  your  S E S S I O N

  • For an optimal session, it is advised that you create a space that will be  uninterrupted  during the length of the session (no driving, no phones, no tv/computers on, no people walking in and out of the room you are in...).


  • Arrange a few minutes to take several deep breaths for quieting your Mind and thoughts.  Give yourself time to meditate, pray, look at a calming image, whichever is your mode - to calm and center yourself; to be in the present moment with an open, receptive Mind and Heart.

  • For your investment and your complete benefit, it is advised to refrain from alcohol or recreational drugs on the day of our session. I do not use any drugs, alcohol or tools for any service option.

  • Journal/Automatic Writing... what is on your mind?  Why would you like to connect?
    What seems heavy in your Heart OR what is gorgeous in your Heart that you would like to validate?
    What are any questions that you have?  Perhaps allow your inner critic to take a break and instead be playful, curious, intuitive in your approach.



  • What is the question behind your question? (Commonly asked questions are found on each service option's individual page as references.)

  • "What do I need to know today that will make inner Peace and harmony central to my Life or this situation?"


Suggested Tip 

Try not to filter your questions while you are writing them!

No one is judging you, or what you bring up. All questions and lines of thinking ought to be welcomed. Did you know? Even those questions about which people have said to me, "This may be a stupid question, but..."

Most of the time, the questions the person thinks are the oddest actually unlock waves of Insight, inspired checks and balances, more detailed expression of Animals/pets, and Holy Spirit gifts wisdom to relay (when it is relevant to your session).



Within this Journal Post, there is a comprehensive run-down of common and beneficial topics, and their related questions. The document (also in PDF format) can serve as a road map or to mirror to you what you've intuitively been wanting to know about your pet(s), animal family, animal companions.


I aspire to establish that both you and I will remain aware of putting too much dependence on a session versus remaining aligned with what Spirit [your term of reverence here] is needing, and already providing, for you.

It is part of my ethical practice to safeguard you from becoming in any way dependent on sessions, for your best interest.

I celebrate your inner freedom, your innate insight, intuition, wisdom, ability to connect with animals, your connection to God, and the constant access to so many interior gifts. In all ways I am here to encourage how you may tune into what is inherently part of your intuitive being so that you will not, do not, necessarily feel the only option is to connect with a Specialized Spiritual services provider or Animal Communicator.

These services are established as only supportive, illuminating companions in the Life of your autonomous

well-being and discernment!

Buffer Minutes
Photo ©  Our Charismata

D U R I N G  A  S E S S I O N 

B u f f e r  M i n u t e s

I build in an extra several minutes,  at  no  cost  to  you, for greetings at the beginning, and for any reason that what is conveyed to me takes us over the "exact minutes mark."  I do not work at the pace of the lovely tortoise; 

I am aware of the minutes, keep a pace, stay on target, and I make the best use of the time, yet part of this process, for me, means not to feel so "rushed." Knowing that I have those extra padded minutes (between 5-10), helps to optimize my mental clarity.

  • I do not schedule other sessions within a half hour or more of yours, so that I can stay open to processing your experience with you, if need be.

Thank you for understanding.  If you do not have the spare extra free of charge minutes in your schedule, that is just fine; you still receive the same effort and quality of content.

B R E A T H I N G 

At no cost to you, before the session officially starts, I find it helpful to heighten my awareness of your presence by doing a simple breathing exercise (that I walk you through - it takes under 30 seconds), which allows us both to connect with the present moment.  It is a time to put aside any cares, worries, repetitive thoughts, and to let go of the outcome of events.

In some ways, the art of these sessions is that they become the meditation, that contemplative place, and even some have said, "another form of prayer."

It is my professional responsibility to keep you feeling comfortable and completely acknowledged, rather than bulldozing over you and your needs.


I tune in best to get momentum with a question from you as a starting point.

Or, if you prefer, there is also the option leaving the beginning more open and to ask what comes forward most prominently to me concerning you, your Life topics.

I am highly ethical, which means I am dedicated to conveying the content in its pure form.        

I am ethically bound to not "give you what you want to hear."  In the foundations of the session and due to the peaceful aspiration inherent to any session, it naturally happens that there is a calming, caring way of Giving you what you need to hear, know, and understand in the perfect timing with a gentle sensitivity.

P L E A S E  I N T E R R U P T  M E !

Yes, please.

Just blatantly interrupt whenever you need, in order to

  • To say that none of this is resonating with you, or that it is resonating with you. 

  • To get more details about something "Would you please provide more details about that?"

Ask for Details Please! Feel encouraged to ask for clarity at any time during a session.

  • To go to another question that is more pressing for you.

Direction. At all times, I aim to ensure that you feel the session is going in the direction that you find connects with why you reached out in the first place.

  • Make your boundaries clear: "No I do not want to discuss that. I would rather focus on..." OR "Yes, I am comfortable with looking further into this topic."

  • To go back to a previous topic, to say, "I already know that, can we look at it another way?" "Are there different specifics that can be provided?"


All of this positive engagement and involvement is actually very helpful for both of us, and the difference in how the session unfolds with this understanding is basically night and day.

T A K I N G  N OT E S  or  R E C OR D I N G

Many say they benefit from taking notes or using an app on a phone for recording!  A session can be an emotional experience. It is useful to review the process later when you are in a more grounded state.

Also, Information could be conveyed that does not fully make sense now, but in several days it will, or in more or less time. 

Photo © Our Charismata

A F T E R   O U R   S E S S I O N

Processing and Integrating

Journaling, or any creative outlet, afterwards is a great way to integrate the session more fully with your Self, and its applications to your Life. 

Confiding in another also helps with perspective and processing.

Let time pass and be a gentle observer!


Allow room for the contents of the sessions to breathe and show themselves in relation to you and your circumstances.

In the lineage of this tradition, for relevant service options, many choose to sit in discernment in the Light of their belief system with the outcome of the session.

A session can authentically generate more questions by their nature, and reveal more areas that you are led to explore that go beyond the time of the scheduled session.

I welcome at least one brief follow-up question by email (usually within the same day after the session) that I may be able to respond to in "session mode." If I cannot get a strong enough, vetted clarity for you, I will let you know.

I've experienced it and this is so common: almost directly after the session has ended, one or two very clear questions come to mind that touch on something highlighted like never before.

Also, when clients have experienced a strong connection and qualities that meet their needs, they choose freely to trust that strong connection and make the voluntary decision to follow up by scheduling another session.  

These services are here for you, at your pace, your comfort level, and always upholding your autonomy.  

  • I will not ever tell you that, "You need to have another session with me," and hopefully no other Specialized Spiritual Direction services provider or Animal Communicator will either.


Thank you for your interest in Our Charismata sessions.
Photo © Our Charismata

Out Beyond Ideas


13th century *

Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, 

there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about.

Ideas, language, even the phrase

'each other'

doesn't make any sense.

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