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H e l l o !  I am delighted that you are here.

I   I N T E N D  T O  M A K E   a  P O S I T I V E   C O N T R I B U T I O N  

My journey has felt like many, many decades have been condensed into a formation that is beyond my years.  What normally would have been a standard adulthood journey by modern American society's standards has been, rather, a winding, diversified, humbling, and not completely conventional road due to highly diversified interests, broad-spanning studies, internships, culturally diverse travels for both educational and living purposes, and career paths that helped to refine my vision and discernment.


Additionally, I have gone through an intensive, multi-faceted healing and recovery process due to drastic changes in my physical abilities as well as the onset of an invisible disability (auto-immune related) due to past healthcare treatments whose outcomes resulted in worsening the initial physical injury and the long-term biotoxin exposure symptoms from water-damaged buildingsThese experiences are closely interwoven with what is described below.  *To note: this 'narrative' (especially) does not define who I am.

Through all of the above, continuously, there was always the underlying presence of the call to live a Life devoted to a Spiritual vocation. Especially during the most intensive time of recovering from the medical injuries, there was the deepening of the interior Life; connecting to quietude, and the wholeness of all that we are, including wildlife and nature - apart from what the material senses show us. 

At times, Life and past career conditions made my vocational calling less prominent. Since the foundation of Our Charismata, (and a few years prior), the conditions came together so that this devotion is: in its fullness active and fluid, realized, opening the pathway to assist others and to welcome others to what is quietly there.

With hindsight, I have noticed that each piece along the way has led to its culmination of being here, offering as a service Our Charismata worldwide with the Specialized Spiritual Direction options, and Animal Communication modality to all,  i n c l u s i v e l y,  while remaining rooted and grounded in the Heart of genuine Christian Spirituality.


From Birth

I have lived in, lived with, these experiences, these distinctive faculties not by any extraneous effort, pursuing, or study on my part.  Relating to Life, and perceiving all aspects of the fullest extent of Life with the Spiritual senses is what I have known since birth, which includes the animal family.  Also, the specified gifts of the Holy Spirit that make Our Charismata services possible (from my standpoint as a practitioner), are also a 'from birth' existence.

This has included a yet to be fully articulated bond with and from Nature, wildlife, naturally including non-human animals that are most commonly called pets! I feel very compelled to honor the natural world, and to be a steward of its well-being in all ways possible. At the times when I was not sure of nourishment because of recovery from medical injury, being present and aware in nature and with animals provided, and still provides, every nutriment on many levels.


"From Birth" status to "Cultivating a full-time, ethical Profession / Ministry"

The deepening range of intensity of 'my' Spiritual senses increased over time, which I attribute to a variety of factors

  • The natural ebbs and flows of being engaged in the Christian Spirituality journey - a continuum, within community - with beloved role models

  • Those gifts refining themselves to a point of distinction, which lended to an inclination towards devoting myself to a Spiritual vocation starting in my early teenage years, including monastic options, which I did explore.  

  • An especially significant interior transformation took place wherein the way I saw my identity and purpose in relation to the world changed. After having spent time in two careers, and yes, I will say it; then, after experiencing two near death experiences very close to each other (within one year), and the aforementioned health scenariothere was really only the option to give way to a fundamental reordering of one's world.

All of the above contributed to the culmination of an inner conversion experience. 

A perspectival shift took place having everything to do with a "beginner's mind finding me," and "Yet not I, but the Grace of God with me."  1 Corinthians 15:10

I was irreversibly inspired to cultivate being a professional, well-rounded, provenance-aware provider of Our Charismata services with single-pointed attention to most fully give, be present, serve, contribute, and  pursue Love  because of the eye-opening compassion and empathy that washed over me.

"Where Love is involved, there is wholeness, for Love is the most powerful force there is." UNKOWN

It was a profound time in my Life that marked and clearly presented the path forward: the departure from my previous careers, and the consequent, natural transition of my Lifestyle to become more similar to that of  lay monasticism,  because those are the modest conditions that contribute to how and what "I" am able to bring to Our Charismata sessions with you!












An Observation

In our humble, southeastern Pennsylvania, Presbyterian-Roman Catholic home and family, these innate parts of being alive were so inextricable that they were not needed to be spoken about; for generations. 

I n   o t h e r   w o r d s, as examples for comparison, all written with due respect

  • I did not grow up in a community wherein professional animal communicators or clairvoyants were the norm. Where I currently reside, these professions and even Specialized Spiritual Directors are met with, at best, common politeness, and most plainly skepticism and negative assumptions.

  • A N D  I was not raised in a Pentecostal-Charismatic church that focused on outspokenly embracing the gifts of the Holy Spirit, including audible glossolalia during worship services.

  • A N D  I did not grow up in a community that banned mentioning, learning about, or talking about either positively, or negatively, psychics, clairvoyants, as examples

Photo Copyright Our Charismata

"'The centering of Unconditional Love as the foundation of reality and the expression of Wisdom when perceived with the eyes of the Heart.' If I am in that statement as a guide what is my title?

I am at peace without any title.

I can just relay what I have learned is a main lesson from my experiences:

'Love is reflected in Love.'"   


Anne Marie at Our Charismata

Photo Georgios Alexandris

BA C K G R O U N D  in  B R I E F

F o r m a l S t u d i e s Ecumenical / Interfaith studies, Theology / Metaphysics / Mysticism, World Religions in Dialogue, and (most of) the Arts were my main studies in University, and continue to be in most ways. 1999 & 2000 - Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Continuing Studies 2000 - Pendle Hill Quaker Center for Study and Contemplation Full-time Resident 2006 - B.S. Interreligious Dialogue, mentor Dr. Leonard Swidler / Music Composition. Temple University. 2006-2008 - S.A.E. Institute for Audio Engineering / Internships 2011 - M.S.Ed. Temple University. 2014 - Myrna Brind Center for Mindfulness, Jefferson University - Eight Week Course, Mindfulness Meditation Currently | Ongoing Research and Continuing Education: 1. Comprehensive, dialogic research on related topics within Our Charismata services, throughout history; Contextualizing in Cultures and Religions. 2. The link between well-being and exposure to nature. 3. The link between well-being and meditation practices.

M e d i t a t i o n and C o n t e m p l a t i v e P r a y e r I have an ongoing practice for over two decades of various forms of mindfulness meditation and contemplative prayer. I like to welcome others into these areas. I am still in the process of articulating how mindfulness practices and contemplative prayer serve to underpin all else that I do in a deep sense of stability; a solid foundation... yet at the same time not by my own doing. Highlights of f o r m a l study for Meditation and Contemplative Prayer include: Received ongoing Spiritual Direction, PA. (I wanted to be a professional Spiritual Director at age 17!, but the minimum age for becoming certified is 35+... I completely understand why, now, over two decades later!) See Weekend Retreat for monastic discernment (age 17) at the Mount Saint Benedict Monastery Erie, PA with Sister Joan Chittister. With a specialized course on Lectio Divina. Full-Time Residency at Pendle Hill Quaker Center for Contemplation and Study, Pennsylvania. A class series on Celtic Spirituality with Philip Newell, former Warden of the Iona Abbey in Scotland. Eight week course on Mindfulness at the Myrna Brind Center at Jefferson University Hospital, PA. Continued engagement in Silent Retreats

B r o a d e n e d A p p r e c i a t i o n based on Diverse Life Experiences = nonjudgment. Feel at ease, not judged, understood and respected when we connect; this is my intention. In this Insight Counsel field, in my public service, Our Charismata, my Life and study experiences enable me to have a broader appreciation, perspective and inclusivity: various cultural traditions, varying economic situations, family dynamics, various medical/therapeutic paradigms, religions, faith groups, metaphysics, and non-religious/non-spiritual orientations, gender orientations, all without judgment or presuppositions. This broader exposure from travels, studies, and largely diverse life experiences keeps me grounded and compassionate as an Insight Spiritual Director using the Clairvoyant - Charismata modalities.

I feel full of thanks for the team of my Spiritual elders and teachers in the Heart of the faith and in my very diversified personal community who have generously offered their support and guidance; to keep me and Our Charismata services honest, reflective and accountable.  T h a n k  Y o u. 

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