Christianity in Our Charismata

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"The gifts of the Holy Spirit in today’s church are not a means of satisfying curiosity or easing anxiety about the future, but are understood as 'the divine strength or ability to communicate God’s Truth and heart in a way that calls people to a right relationship with God.’”  SOURCE

"Christianity in Our Charismata" and the accompanying Notebook posts

are relevant and hopefully clarifying for those who identify with a religion, Spiritual tradition, a faith practice; in particular, Christianity.


"Christianity in Our Charismata" addresses how these services fit into, and have a theologically biblical and scholarly supported presence in the established framework of the Christian religion denominations, Christian Spirituality, teachings, Principles, doctrines, any catechism, as well as the range of views on charismata.  

Additionally, the services of Our Charismata maintain and honor: the authority and supremacy of Scripture, do not add to or contest Scripture, are in complete support of a deepening Trust in God first and foremost, and encourage everyone to weigh your messages and experiences with the active engagement of Scripture.  


"Christianity in Our Charismata" content is supplied

because, from experience, I have heard and observed repeatedly a gap in the validity of connecting these services to Spiritually religious Christian discernment, Spiritual Life companioning support, and connecting with those Loved who are in the state of "Life Everlasting," John 3:16.  


All of these services are made possible by the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit to edify, console, encourage, inspire, uplift, validate, strengthen and expand the Christian faith Life.  1 Corinthians 14:3,12 

Kindly note, these services are not intended to be a substitute, crutch, or anything other than an accompaniment to what is already established centrally in your Spiritual Life, discernment, devotion, and development.


Also, there is a gentle necessity to bring up the elephant in the room among Christians. Yes, popular culture lays on the secular descriptors 'psychic and medium' to services rendered by Christians and also non-Christians, which can obscure or undermine the Christian Spiritual underpinning of many genuine practitioners.

The poorly defined or misunderstood descriptors, along with some missing oversight in the well-rounded educational aspect about the gifts of the Holy Spirit today, and their vibrant application makes for a difficult topic to approach. So, with that situation acknowledged openly here, I aspire that the dear reader may find the materials supplied informative, eye-opening, thought-provoking, and welcoming for interior reflection.

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On a personal note

"The presence, the unconditional Love, and provision of God have freed me to convey the expression of the Holy Spirit for our sessions.  With a consecrated heart I have been singing a new song of praise for Grace, for being shown this entirely profound relationship to all of Life." 

Anne Marie

"By the Grace of God I am what I am...yet not I, but the Grace of God with me." 

1 Corinthians 15:10


O U R   C H A R I S M A T A holds no intention that the services offered should supersede the Principles and teachings of Religious traditions. Services are not a place of fortune-telling, not for the profit of power, and not to control the future. Our Charismata services do not to add to, change, contest, or compromise the supremacy of Scripture. Anne Marie is not a prophet. Anne Marie does not practice as a "medium" in the Hebrew scriptural or Spiritist traditions. Thank you for understanding this as you consider booking a session.

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