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Our Charismata Invites You to Experience Insight

What is "Insight" - Insight Clairvoyance? The value cultivated Insight brings to you and how it can provide a perspective shift for your benefit.

Insight Clairvoyant Our Charismata
Insight: seeing into the True nature of reality.
The capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing. Greater awareness of the inner workings of reality; breaking through illusions.
  • To become aware of exactly what is happening as it happens.

  • Disappearance of material sense before the conscious facts of spiritual Truth.

  • The act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively.

  • The ability to have a clear, deep, and sometimes sudden understanding of a complicated problem or situation.

  • 1200, innsihht, "sight with the 'eyes' of the mind, mental vision, understanding from within," from in (prep.) + sight (n.).

Insight can serve as an interpretive key to understanding what is going on.

With Our Charismata services, I 'read' and interpret content Spiritually rather than reading content exclusively within the analytical framework, and this is made possible by employing the gift of Insight, as defined above. There are other very important gifts at work as well that are inseparable from Insight Clairvoyance, and I describe them in in this section of the website in case you are interested.


Clarifying the definition of descriptors positively impacts Insight sessions

The integration of such well-defined key terms, like Insight Clairvoyant (clear-seeing), and others establishes our shared understanding as we navigate any of the service options.

So, with distinction in the key terms, the pathway, the line of sight, is extended and inspiration is unhindered!

Clairvoyant: (16c., from Old French clerveans, 13c.) "quickness of understanding, sagacity." Clair, clear + voyant "seeing," present participle of voir, from Latin videre "to see." Clear seeing.

I n s i g h t Continued...

Inherently, any of these sessions at Our Charismata involves touching that which is Spiritual, and draws upon Spiritual senses for Insight rather than material senses.

This is central to the usefulness of Insight, clairvoyance, and the translating that Our Charismata services provide, in that the Insight Spiritual senses ascertain, articulate, help, guide and establish perspective to the extent of their vividly distinguishing qualities, which set them apart from Rationalist and Empiricist methods. Still, there is every encouragement to combine various methods of discernment at your discretion.

Spiritual thought, and being, is differentiated from scholarly and rational thought about a topic; it reaches beyond the borders of the finite mind. My role is to peacefully bring in stability, the feeling of being safe and honored to help us connect and open our Hearts (versus analytical thought), and sit us in a light of thankfulness, while discerning (therefore providing your session content) by means of the abilities through intuitive insight, Spiritual senses, and Empathic-based senses.

Embracing compassion and allowing ourselves to be open to what can meet the Heart's needs with gentle precision and support; from there the sessions pierce through fear, confusion, any emotions whose turbulence may seem to make navigating Life at this time a hurdle, in any way, and applicable to most any circumstance. As a result, ease, insight,

real-time solutions, validation, Grace, and consolation are provided through the infinite perspective.

The services provided are not intended to be stand alone or "instead of," but to harmonize into your active Life, fluid, and an accompanying perspective to have in hand along with your other well-being resources.


There is no need for you to have to consider yourself Spiritual in any way for a session and its benefits to unfold.

There is only one service option within Our Charismata called "Specialized Spiritual Direction" that is oriented within an intentionally Christian faith-based atmosphere of applying what has been described in this post and in this website's contents. Clients schedule for that service option acknowledging and seeking that form of Spiritual Companioning.

Including Specialized Spiritual Direction, I do not ever impose my beliefs, my worldview, my opinions, my interpretations, into our sessions or into any correspondence. This a quality of my professional services that is carefully attended to, and this is a trusted promise.

Our Charismata services surpass all bias and are not dependent upon worldly titles in order to give what is needed.

All of Life has access to this deep insight, inner discernment, Spiritual senses, inner peace, and assurance.

I see my role as a supporting catalyst, a translator, encourager, and steward.

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After looking at something, someone, a situation for so long in one way, sometimes it takes a shift in perspective to shake loose inspiration regarding the matter;

those defining turning points, those "ah ha" moments.

Sometimes, as a shared human experience, we could all use a bit of assistance with perspective, right? Having assistance from someone whose profession it is to be able to tune into, navigate, and translate a world of Insight - in an atmosphere that is not commonly accessed to this degree - is a way to bring in a remarkable perspective shift.

The applications for Insight services are bright.


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