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Animal Communication

also known as
Intuitive Interspecies Communication [IIC]

with Anne Marie at Our Charismata

The Most Common Topics for an Animal Communication Session

Whether this is your first time living with a pet [1], or you have lived and worked with pets and animals for most if not all of your Life, I hope that this overview may familiarize you with the areas that are looked into in an Our Charismata Animal Communication Session with Anne Marie. 

[1] For ease of reading, the terms 'pets' and 'animals' are used. Otherwise, by professional animal communicators and intuitive interspecies communicators the labels are usually 'non-human animal' or living being of the earth, to show respect and equal footing for those who are very dear gifts in our Lives.

Looking into these areas from within the context of a session provides solutions that are reasonable and applicable. Specialized insight arises that helps both the humans and animals participating to have a better appreciation for each others' perspectives, and positive changes can be seen with a renewed approach.

In a navigational format for your convenience, please enjoy browsing the common themes, topics, and areas that are thoroughly addressed, although it is not a complete or exhaustive range of what is possible.

If you have an area, topic or questions that are not included here, simply

contact me if you would like to verify that I may assist you.

Services Applicable for: Pet owners, Veterinarians, trainers, and those who regularly work with or care for animals both wild and domestic.

Emotion Behavior


* Emotions and thoughts conveyed telepathically and translated by me to communicate to you.

Essentially, what are their thoughts?

* Know your animals' emotional needs, in varying circumstances, and understand how that relates to your coexistence.  

*  Be able to look at things through the animals' eyes.  See and include their point of view when making or enforcing boundaries (rules). 

*  Clearly help the animals understand  W H Y,  you, other humans, and other animals prefer and feel the most comfortable, the most safe with the outlined, explained boundaries / rules.

They have to be included about the why of it!  It is so simple!

[Here clients also usually learn a quick practice in real time, if they do not already know, of sending the animal friend a mental, visual image message... because visual images from you (often more than vocalizing) are a strong communication preference.]

*   Discover what is behind a perceived worrisome behavior.  For example, phobias, inappropriate elimination, aggression, extreme anxiety, excessive pacing, gnawing, among others.

* THEN, clear up the cause, or causes behind the identified behaviors to reestablish mutual understanding, and identify the key thoughts and actions for the journey going forward.

Tailored solutions to implement are pinpointed and ready to be applied.


* Insight helps with the transition, bonding, and allows you to get a picture of what the animal companion experienced before (if necessary).  This assists in how to ease any remaining trauma, and promote healing surrounding previous living conditions, neglect or abandonment.


* Feelings and thoughts about the dynamics in the home; new additions, a recent death, etc.

* Feelings or concerns about relationships among more than one animal companion in the home.  Who is going through a rough patch and why.  Mutual exchange of ideas for how to address this area; shed light and understanding.

* Topics you would like to be sure your animal family understands.


* Food preferences and food sensitivities. General sensitivities and related requests.


* How much play time / energy expression is ideal.  Does it change from day to day?  Does weather affect this?   Agreeing on a way to let the human know, “This is great,” “Too much,” “A little more today please?”  Insight into creative ideas to implement.

This includes MENTAL ENERGY exertion, too!  Some animal companions are thinkers and learners at heart!

* Insight into the contributors to dis-eases, and possible interventions that show to be the most compatible and promising for the specifics of your animal companion's body and mind.


* Understanding how to ease separation anxiety.


*  Remedying potential anxiety or related perceived emotional upset about:
    1. Being at the Veterinarian's office
    2. Extended stays at “Pet Hotels, Spas, Retreats”

    3. Bathing / Grooming
    4. Daycare
    5. Boarding
    6. Visits to, or extended stays in, entirely new environments; relatives,  partners,
       “pet” sitters, dog walkers.


* Discerning the most compatible learning styles, and finding out about related requests to optimize learning.

* I Love this!  Identifying, or confirming, their unique talents, skills, tailored-to-them abilities, including talents-to-be-fulfilled-wishes (dreams..."Is this possible, please?!").  

AN INNATE SENSE OF PURPOSE  That could include a type of job or volunteer position, or how the animal companions would further like to share their skills and abilities in the service of others. 


* Insight into the 'end of Life' phases of animal companions, and how it is from their perspective.

Know if they are ready to pass on and say, 'Goodbye.'  Additionally, there is often the communication about: 'Look for these signs from me, after the time has come.'

* Understand and confirm what aids in comfort, or easing / transforming pain. Insights into how 'pain' is experienced by animal companions.


* Requests made by Y O U  to your animal family (pets) and the response.


* Specific requests made by the animal companions.  


* Specifics the animal friend truly enjoys (and sometimes asks for more of). These can be surprising!


* Wisdom and Insight from the animal companion out of Love to assist you.

* And most possibly any possibility!

Family Dynamics
Health and Physical
Potential and Purpose
End of Life Support
Mutual Wisdom

New to an Animal Communication Session? 

T I P S  F O R   P R E P A R I N G!  


Allow the space for all of your questions, your thoughts, and emotions to shine while you are writing them in preparation!  You are gently encouraged to be playful, creative, curious, courageous, to think out of the box, and to try not to censor yourself as you are brainstorming your questions for your beloved animal family, companions, and those in your care!

This is truly a judgment-free atmosphere,

and your Love and efforts for your pets, animal family,

and for those both wild and domestic who are in your care 

are greatly honored.  


The sessions and the content are not intended to work against what you, your veterinarian, trainer, or animal behaviorist are indicating.  The aspiration is to maintain a collective harmony with all of your chosen modalities and, as you decide, the insights provided from your session with Our Charismata.

A link for



O P E N - M I N D E D  Participation is  v a l u a b l e 

Communicating with your pets, animal companion(s), those in your care, may shed Light on many areas your animal friend/family has been trying to express to you, or even for you.


A lot can unfold in these sessions.  I have noticed the most benefit from these sessions when the client is ready, and willing, to be open-minded about important changes that may be requested in any area of your animal friend's life and also yours.


A  C O L L A B O R A T I V E  A P P R O A C H 

The sessions and the content are not intended to work against what you, your veterinarian, trainer, or animal behaviorist are indicating.  The aspiration is to bring into, or keep, all of your chosen modalities in harmony.  They can all support each other and bring out the greatest qualities that work together for the good; and these are the outcomes that insight can provide during a session.

The applicable communication from your animal companion, by nature, helps in this spirit of collaboration.

If Information that I translate seems to provide an alternate method, approach, or is seemingly "at odds" with what you feel is best to do, or what your team of professionals are communicating, please defer to them, and your own innate insight. 


Many times there is a way to blend, combine, or create an intersection of the seemingly "at odds" pieces of Information so that they are functioning in collaboration. 

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