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You are welcome to contact Anne Marie! Your questions are appreciated, especially if they will help to clarify any aspect of these services and to assist you with discerning a sense of Trust and peace of mind for scheduling.

Please note that personal questions, or questions that would be asked during a session, will not be answered here.

If you or someone you know are in a crisis, in danger, a danger to themselves or others, please call 911, crisis intervention or another appropriate community emergency response service.


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For your security, please do not include any personally identifiable or account information in this Contact Form or for any correspondence.

Please do not include any details about you or your situation, (animal family included). It is important that I have minimal prior knowledge at all so that I can approach your session topics with as much clarity as possible. 

Your personal information is never shared, sold, leased or disclosed by OUR CHARISMATA.

Thank you for sending your Message to Our Charismata!
If you do not receive a reply please check your spam folder.
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