My Position Based on the Humbling Experience of using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

And the Courage required.

Also known as (similar but not identical due to origin Source) "Medium," "Psychic," "Clairvoyant," "Intuitive," and, well, Animal Communicator is made possible by the attributes listed below.

Our Charismata 2 Corinthians 4:7

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Galatians 5:22-23 "But the fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."

Working with the expression of the Holy Spirit that is intensely vivid with me, [by no striving, no 'holier-than-thou' attributes, or special studies on my part], I always know that I am working with the Holy Spirit because of the presence of the fruit of the Spirit as mentioned in Galatians 5:22-23.

Quick reminder, or to note: the gifts of the Holy Spirit to which I am referring are the gifts of knowledge, wisdom, counsel, and discerning spirits.

1 Corinthians 12: 7-11

Isaiah 11:1-3. Tip! in understanding: It is most commonly acknowledged that "the fear of the Lord" written in the verse is interpreted more accurately as "reverence."

Respectfully, I am not in any fundamentalist or evangelical denomination.

Additionally, I do not intend to change anyone's beliefs or ways of thinking.

You may read more about my inclusive way of being, and my inviting, agenda-free approach in Our Charismata's services Journal Post about D e s c r i p t o r T r a n s p a r e n c y.

This ongoing assurance from the Holy Spirit gives me the courage to continue because in doing so, it is following Christ's direction to let others know and experience, 'The kingdom of heaven is near' Matthew 10:7, not far, not up, not somewhere else, but near; h e r e when we are fully present with God.

A n A s i d e: Not all Spiritual Concepts can use words for translation

While "the kingdom of heaven" is a weighty theological expression for non-credentialed me to unpack, (so I will not), I will briefly point to the below Scriptures. I would like to also acknowledge the fact that people read the Scriptures literally/empirically, or in a place of wherever they are in the continuum of the Christian Spirituality journey, maturity, humility, including being in a place of non-daulity consciousness ...

  • Matthew 13:44, the key themes being a hidden treasure (so, something perhaps not immediately, fully comprehended by the finite mind), J o y , selling all one has (relinquishing the worldly goods), and focusing on this immeasurable treasure, which is "found," even not intentionally... a man was simply working in a field.

  • Matthew 4:17 cross-references with Mark 1:15, with Jesus speaking. "Turn to God;" This can also be called the practice of single-pointed focus, or maintaining God/YHWH as the center and circumference of thought, Heart, Soul, being, all that you have, your words, and actions. A L S O When it is said that something is "at hand," I have read that it means, 'near in time or position, easily available.'

When we are aware within in the present moment, our Hearts and Mind can become attuned to this essential reality.

In the present moment is the space for an immediately felt expression of God's Love, and when a session is taking place, it is unmistakable in its presence.

Some points that bring me home to c o u r a g e and purpose while providing Our Charismata services

"Our identity has its source in the creative love of God." Jacques Phillippe
"Love is what remains when nothing remains. We all carry in us this memory when, beyond our failures, our separations, the words we survived, there arises from the depths of the night, like a song that is barely audible, the assurance that beyond the disasters in our lives, even beyond joy, suffering, birth death, there exists a space where nothing threatens, that nothing has ever threatened and that runs no risk of destruction, an intact space, that of the love that was the foundation of our being." Christiane Singer, Du bon usage de crises, p. 79.

The sessions within Our Charismata certainly bring into the present moment 'this memory,' for me and from what I have heard, for those participating; who identify as Spiritual, of a faith, Christian...and even those who identify as 'other.'

God's closeness and Love is God's gift for us either to reject or welcome. In making that statement, it is also helpful to note that we are encouraged not to judge ourselves or others, and to remember each person is on a continuum. There is nothing to force.

As you may have read elsewhere within Our Charismata, this modality is not meant to be a substitute for your personal daily discernment methods, nor is this modality a way of "seeking others gods," or "turning to idols," because it is clear: we are connecting to the Infinite Wisdom of the Holy Spirit, of Christ, to magnify God and how God is at work in our Lives. And this is all done with Praise, with reverence, and within the premise of Deuteronomy 6:5.


"Much divisiveness over the gifts of the Spirit today derives from a common premise held by both sides of the debate: evidentialism. If spiritual gifts are adduced as proofs of spiritual status or attainment, rather than used as tools for the humble service for others, then conflict naturally follows." John Mark Ruthven

I am very thankful for the above articulation. 'Service for others' is why.

I Love, is why.

I happen to see pain and suffering deeply, and I have been given a way to be a guide for others in their changing relation to it.

So, although it can feel isolating because it is not as linear or cut and dry a profession as say, "I'm an ordained Pastor," or "I'm an Animal Behaviorist," I cannot turn my back on this vocation. One, because it is my choice as a person who seeks to be a humble servant of God and a lay monastic, two, because it is my way of expressing my Love for God, as long ago I ceased to belong to myself.*

Otherwise, it would be like turning my back on, and running away from, True Love.

Here is one small way of returning Love for the Love freely given to me."

- Anne Marie, Founder of Our Charismata

*"My soul is at peace, for long ago I ceased to belong to myself!"

- St. Therese of Lisieux


O U R C H A R I S M A T A holds no intention that the services offered should supersede the Principles and teachings of Religious traditions. Services are not a place of fortune-telling, not for the profit of power, and not to control the future. Our Charismata services do not to add to, change, contest, or compromise the supremacy of Scripture. Anne Marie is not a prophet. Anne Marie does not practice as a "medium" in the Hebrew scriptural or Spiritist traditions.​ Thank you for understanding this as you consider booking a session.

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