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NDA Contact

Hello! I work with clients who legally require a

Non Disclosure Agreement.

It is my pleasure to make arrangements like these as ease-filled and timely as possible.

The most common ways a Non Disclosure Agreement is established:

1. Your legal representation contacts me with your preferred form and terms, which I sign and date.

2. OR, both parties agree on the terms in a Non Disclosure form that I provide, which is electronically signed and dated. 


    Monday - Saturday 12:00 pm EST - 7:00 pm EST.

    Stay posted for changes.


    During regular business hours, please expect to have a reply within the day or within 24 business hours.

    If you email outside of business hours or on the weekend, please expect a reply on the closest business day.

    If you are in a crisis and/or someone you know is a danger to themselves or others, do not reach out to an Intuitive / Clairvoyant / Our Charismata for advisement; instead, please call 911, crisis intervention or another appropriate community emergency response service. 


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