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Humble Disclaimer: Supporting Companion versus Seeking Dependency. Is My Style a Fit For You?

Some people, with purity of Heart, are truly not aware that they are giving (recurring) sessions an undue place of imbalanced power within their Lives. Your Life is a space in which autonomy, harmony, Wisdom, Insight, and a holistic sense of Self are all abounding. My simple aspiration here is to safeguard anyone from being in a situation of dependency, and to provide you another possibility.

Our Charismata Recurring Sessions

With great respect for you, to safeguard boundaries, and to be transparent about the optimal use of your investment.

Kindly know that, within Our Charismata, these sessions are not meant to be your primary source of discernment, guidance, hope, Trust, sense of stability, or a substitute for any caring work that you put into developing personally, and/or Spiritually.

It is my professional and ethical responsibility to uphold your freedom from becoming dependent on sessions. If it looks like continued, regular sessions are a fit for you at this time, that is beautiful! Going forward together, it makes all the difference that we are both aware about the potential dependency factor from the start and throughout, so thank you for keeping this in mind!

The service styles offered at Our Charismata are intended to be supporting companions to your already established continuum (independent of a session) for ideally all, or a combination of:

  • maturing methods of nurturing your inner Life and holistic wellness

  • established methods of discernment and reflection

  • prayer, meditation

  • a supporting community (be it friends, family, fellowship/faith, professional healthcare workers)

  • the innate Wisdom, intuition, insight, that is flowing through you and is accessible at all times.

Being in touch with these conditions first, allows for much more freedom and potential in the session.

The entire experience has a vastly profound quality when you are joining into the session with those personal footholds in the primary place.

My approach is as a lamp-holder on your path for illumination, a source of accompaniment; a place of 'checks and balances' for what you are already feeling and knowing.

I see these services as a type of still point along a pilgrimage route, for instance; a place to meet an inner stillness, to acknowledge the Wisdom in your path, and to be revived, encouraged, validated.


Friendship Expectations

By nature, yes, our interactions will have an authentically friendly, welcoming, supportive, and respectful feel; however, as a professional in this field it is part of best practices to not form friendships with clients. Sometimes it feels counterintuitive because we are connecting about very personal and profound topics, on levels that may be quite intimate, emotional, and new for you.

Please know that I am here for you "as Anne Marie" (witnessing your experiences with you) genuinely caring about your well-being. Consequently, also deriving from that same support is the responsibility to be clear about the friendship boundaries and expectations.

A respectful intention behind this choice is to support your autonomous, personal development and to prevent any level of dependency on the services that Our Charismata provides. Ethics play a major role here too; to keep the boundary clear for all parties involved - at all times; that I am serving as a "therapeutic professional."

A friendship, with its dynamic of chatting and general exchange of Life's details, opinions, and interests would interfere and crowd out my professional

clarity - 'space' - needed to approach a session for you.

For example, my practice does not include friendship-based regular / daily email correspondence / accepting e-cards or presents between recurring sessions, or other session styles. My email style is friendly yet I must maintain language that supports the clear-cut role of my services and their humble place in your Life.

So, as much as I find myself wanting to write certain language that is really very much how I communicate with friends and family; ethics, experience, and clinical research about therapeutic modalities all show: friendships blur the boundaries (which can cause emotional confusion) and interfere with the quality of these services.

*Consideration of a no-more-sessions-friendship may happen after at least one year has passed since the final session.*

If what is described here sounds like something you also appreciate, and that you would like to establish, then surely let's proceed!


W i t h C o m p a s s i o n. Safeguarding.

I have heard about, read, and seen the scenarios of dependency surrounding repeated "psychic readings." Or, "mediums who take advantage of people who are grieving."

I can understand the fears that drive putting so much power into the "psychic," "medium," or "Spiritual Counsel provider's" hands.

Also, I see and identify the differing approach, and motives, of those practitioners who are allowing the dependency to develop and continue; truly without judgment from me here, just awareness. Simply, with all of my heart, fostering dependency is not my service, and to participate in that way is not in my being.

When or if I feel an undercurrent of dependency in place or developing, I address it with you with as much kindness and understanding as possible. The intention, when acknowledging this, is to explore if and how you would like to address that, or whether or not my services are (still) a fit for you.

IF this is where you find yourself (seeking answers out of continued desperation, and / or not having a supportive community, or personal practices in place), and you are open to a change in that dynamic, I would be very glad to connect with you.

Please feel welcomed to C O N T A C T me with any questions related to this topic.

© Our Charismata

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