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Skepticism? Join the healthy crowd!

Our Charismata Skepticism

Photo © David Roberts

A dose of skepticism can be a healthy thing. Asking questions, and considering "how to think about" something, versus going along with what you are "taught to think (without open-minded questioning)," are a key parts of developing a true relationship to something, especially when it challenges your worldview. {Those qualities are some of the keys of participating in Constructive Dialogue.}

Skepticism, cynicism, disbelief, and discriminatory behavior about Specialized Spiritual Counsel providers {in this instance providing Counsel by the presence of gifts of the Holy Spirit "Charismata"} and Animal Communicators, have arisen over time due to many factors, in both the secular and faith-based formats.


I have experienced Animal Communication, or Interspecies Intuitive Communication, met with a general questioning of possible mental health disorders of the practitioner, along with 'the ultimate dismissal;' any competency as a professional and respect of my person are lost by the other.

It is a Good thing I am no longer seeking or expecting validation, approval or acceptance from any person, or 'the world' about professionally working as an Animal Communicator and providing Our Charismata services! Beautifully, on the other hand, I have experienced joyous humans who could not be more grateful to meet a professional, ethical Animal Communicator, and they already have bundles of questions ready for a session.

Several contributing factors for absolute dismissal, limiting beliefs, and limited knowledge or literacy about all of the above include, but are not limited to:

For Thought

  • The norms of secularism, commercialism, capitalism, Cessationist theology believers, and the related disconnect from the basic essence of ourselves beyond the limits of our five senses.​

Impure Intentions

  • People using the expression of the Holy Spirit with impure intentions such as extraordinary and excessive monetary gain leaning on the naiveté or vulnerabilities of clients, attainment of power, celebrity, prestige.


The history of monetary fraud, etc. in the Televangelism circuit, and the broader examples of monetary corruption woven into the history within various Christian denominations across centuries. I have no energy to spend on an attitude of judgment, just the intention to point to certain areas of possible breakdowns in connections and trust.

  • This is especially emphasized as a sore point that many Christians still bemoan when they see a service, such as (Christian) Spiritual Counsel that is faith-based, and also costs a fee.

"Those, and any current related faith-based scams, are not a bright light among the wrong-doings 'in the name of Christianity.'" I agree, and see this clearly, making it central in my ethics that I am aspiring to do my small part in reconciling, and providing a genuine context.

Read: Our Charismata (respectfully) has no connection with televangelism, fundamentalist Christianity, Spiritualist practices, nor does Anne Marie claim to be a Prophet, or to speak directly the Word of God. Anne Marie's services claim zero authority over Scripture. Her services do not change, add to, substitute or challenge the supremacy of Scripture, or lead to 'foreign gods.' {This notice especially pertains to those seeking Specialized Spiritual Direction Services.}


Misinterpretation of the related Biblical scriptures, or using them out of context.

  • ​Ignoring the theological premise called "relevance theory" while reading Scripture.

Relevance Theory: A model of communication that accounts for how different interpretations arise out of different contexts.

::: Putting one's self in the shoes of the original, ancient audience:::

​::: For Our Charismata's purposes: "The cognitive environment of the Biblical authors." :::


People falsely claiming to have these gifts, and taking your time and payment anyway, and here is the added twist: then, they write about it. {JOURNAL POST arriving soon.}

  • People fraudulently calling themselves Animal Communicators, Psychics, Mediums, Intuitives knowingly taking advantage of those who are vulnerable because of grieving or desperate situations.

  • Then, my professional services (as an example) are lumped into this heap and undermined or automatically presumed to be an illegitimate scam.


Misrepresentations through films

  • Film and television giving all sorts of false impressions and distorted information. [Not always!] {Aspiring to post about one, particular film, and basically the only media representation (film, series, tv, documentaries), that is so well written, and so well captures what it is like to live with heightened Spiritual senses, or the set of Clairs, Insight, Intuitive Empathy, or the specific Gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned elsewhere in this website.}​​​​


Unfortunately, all of this misrepresentation envelops and wrongly affects the practices of True-Hearted, well-meaning, extraordinarily attuned, and service-oriented Specialized Spiritual Directors, Clairvoyants, Animal Communicators, Medical Intuitives, Energy Healers, and Congregational-disciple-non-authoritative-prophetic services, etc..​

​There is Hope!

I agree, a healthy dose of skepticism is important when you are deciding to interact with someone whose work sits in a context of such historical and present polarities. AND The human brain, it seems, is generally wired to approach anything that DEFIES LOGIC with caution and discernment. That can go in the direction of cynicism or it can lead to curiosity, venturing out of one's comfort zone to explore, learn, and change by choice. As you may agree, exploring what defies logic ought not to ever demand or force one to think, believe or act differently because that is an infringement on any being's right to freedom.

A wise response to that skepticism could be then: to practice your personal method of discernment, do your own research looking at the topic from as many angles as possible!, to ask your most awkward questions, to engage in dialogue.

You are encouraged to speak directly, or write, to a Specialized Spiritual Director provider or Animal Communicator with whom you are interested in working, letting him/her/they know that you have some questions and some hesitation, and to ask if that provider would respond to what is on your mind. The response will be telling about that particular provider (etc. descriptors).

Please remember the importance of not allowing one foul interaction or horrific story to determine your outlook about the entirety of the practitioners in the field, respectively. In that way, skepticism does not become an untried ultimatum, but may still allow room for possibility.

Would you please C O N T A C T M E with any questions about my profession, about any part of the process? Welcome. Every curiosity, question, can serve for greater understanding, and therefore, more Trust and a sense of receptive orientation.

I am here for your questions from skeptics, to full acceptance, and everything in between.

© Our Charismata

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