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No Permission, No Access. An Ethical Approach in the Specialized Spiritual Direction Profession.

Answers to frequently asked questions about how and when Anne Marie of Our Charismata tunes into the Spiritual senses (gifts of the Holy Spirit) / Insight clairvoyance, which also addresses her humble opinion about best practices. Ethical Privacy Promise


“Can Anne Marie 'read my mind' at all times? In public, if I meet her what can she know about me? About my personal Life? About what I prefer to keep secret?
Will Anne Marie approach me in public, or at any time, and suddenly begin giving "messages"?
I know Anne Marie (family, friend, neighbor, acquaintance, business, healthcare provider, past, present, potentially), what now? What has she known about me? What can she know, being 'Clairvoyant and using the Spiritual senses' or gifts of the Holy Spirit senses?

At the core of this topic, and those valid questions, is understanding and upholding basic Human Rights to privacy and freedom.

Any behavior by an Insight Clairvoyant, a Spiritual Direction provider, a psychic, a medium, an intuitive, etc. that contradicts the, "No permission, No Access," Principle is unethical and a violation of Human Rights.

This is why I emphasize making this topic a primary piece of information about how I, Anne Marie, approach you and all of Life, as well as related areas within my personal practice.

For example, before and after a work day of professional sessions my "Specialized Spiritual Direction provider switch" is off.

I purposely separate my "work hours practice" from my "Life outside of providing sessions." Those two areas involve entirely different ways of perceiving and receiving information. This compartmentalizing has always been there.
I learned that it was important to express clearly this separation of "work-mode'" from "non-work-mode" when more and more people expressed the concerns. They had been approached by "psychics" in public, for example, who started telling them information about their lives that was very personal, and then the thought was: "Where is the line? Where is the ethical boundary?"

You may be a family member or friend who is just finding out that this has been my profession, you may be a potential client, current client, a curious member of the public, a present or future someone who needs to run a "Google" search about me for something Life-related. Thank you, for becoming familiar with this promise to you.


So, please be assured:

  1. No, unless I have been asked and given explicit permission, as in a session where all parties consent, I purposefully, actively, do NOT "read a person's mind," "find out secrets;" in other words, I do not engage the insight and Spiritual senses or gifts of the Holy Spirit. I interact with, and navigate Life with the normal five senses like everyone else. Yes, there is always some level of intuition working because that is inherent in all beings, but I do not "switch on" the full-blast mode of Holy Spirit gifts / Spiritual senses as I would during working hours. NOTE! "Switching on" the Spiritual senses mode is an entire process, and a long-term cultivated practice. It involves a specific, concentrated, focused frame of mind. Sustaining that requires a unique sort of energy and stamina. {Nothing dramatic, no fainting or otherwise as depicted in film and tv series.] The only thing that I can relate it to is a type of meditation; there is singularity of focus on the Holy Spirit, quieting of the "mind," having no distractions, and no other people around in my physical space.

  2. No, I do not ever, I repeat, ever, approach anyone, anywhere to do what is called a "cold reading" or "hot reading" (in psychic jargon). I do not, have not, and will not ever walk up to someone and start "giving messages." This is totally unacceptable, unethical behavior and ought to be considered bordering on criminal behavior. *PLEASE just walk away from a stranger who is doing this.*

  3. In the day-to-day, as you exchange conversation etc. with me, and I am listening / looking at you... No, I am not "secretly picking up information about you or anyone you know" as a Specialized Spiritual Direction provider. Answers #1 and #2 apply here too, as well as what is written further below.

Your privacy, human rights, and freedom are always my priority.


"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood."

United Nations | Universal Declaration of Human Rights Accessed August 2021.


MOST IMPORTANTLY, there are Higher Laws in place; call them moral, Spiritual, metaphysical, divine; these are the sources and Principles that ARE omniscient (all-knowing), beyond human control. These 'Higher Laws' ARE all-powerful and are the first and last authority when it comes to what a Specialized Spiritual Direction provider (or 'psychic, clairvoyant' etc.) has access to, as well as, IF and when, if at all. In the most basic terms, God is sovereign in all aspects.

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Understanding leads to inclusivity.

...Oh, to "accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference"... The "courage and wisdom" here being that possibly writing about all of this on a publicly accessible resource may help to better inform anyone, even one.

  1. EXPERIENCE ONE: people choosing to cling to the erroneous assumptions / misunderstanding about this service, and or Christian Spirituality in itself. Then, the person simply cuts off all association with me without wanting a clarifying conversation.

  2. EXPERIENCE TWO: People choosing to spread the word: "Stay away; Anne Marie is a (discriminating slur here) who 'talks to animals' and claims she can know your inner thoughts by the Holy Spirit gifts, and will 'find out' all sorts of details about your personal life at any given time." [This is simply not an accurate description of Our Charismata services.]

  3. EXPERIENCE THREE: On my service being the most misperceived: "Anne Marie is charging people money as a 'psychic or clairvoyant' and they are all frauds; so warning." [This is simply not what I am involved in contributing. Also, I cannot support that "all psychics and clairvoyants are frauds," because I do not know them all, and the professional psychics and mediums whom I do know are the farthest thing from fraudulent.]

  4. EXPERIENCE FOUR: Anne Marie is doing this fraudulent work while saying she is "Christian" too! Be warned, she is part of satan's retinue. [Perhaps for a clearer understanding, please read the "Christianity" section of the Our Charismata website and the related Notebook Posts. I have no agenda to change anyone's mind or beliefs, but I can provide information for well-rounded literacy on this topic. ]

I hope that what is written here helps more people to understand how I define, implement, and respect this work/service, and all of Life.
With the ethics that I also abide by outside of permission-given-active-service-sessions, I intend for it to be clear that I do not do anything other than to honor You, your privacy, freedom, these services, and the right legacy of these services in all aspects.

DIALOGUE Here is just one pivotal call to action, from Anne Marie's perspective, on seeing a healthy revival of Dialogue from all perspectives about people working in a professional capacity as authentic Specialized Spiritual directors and Animal Communicators; even those brave enough to state they are in the Christian service of conveying / using the gifts of the Holy Spirit by the Grace of God (without any authoritative role, or adding/changing Judeo-Christian Scripture) for Specialized Spiritual Direction options.

© Our Charismata

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