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Service Options

For nearly ten years I have been thankful to serve in a full-time professional capacity as a translator and provider of these services for clients worldwide by Zoom and telephone appointments.

Proximity has no influence; in the same room or in another time zone, the clear connection is always fluid and powerful because we are being assisted in the Spiritual atmosphere, and I am attuning to cultivated intuitive senses for perception and insight to assist with your circumstances.

Please feel free to  email me  if you would like a Free 15 Minute Discovery Call. The Discovery Call is not a session, but is offered to help you sense if my services are a fit for you.


Interspecies Intuitive Communication

Animal Communication


Specialized Spiritual Direction Session 

by the specific gifts of the Holy Spirit

{The only openly Christian service option:

Sought after by practicing Christians.}

*Not to add to or contradict the supremacy of Scripture. Not for the profit of power. Not to encourage control of any kind or future events. Not to replace the believer's cultivation of the virtue of Faith first and foremost going to God directly in all things. 1 Corinthians 4:13

Coming from the same family as Traditional Spiritual Direction, both of which have been in existence for millennia; to companion the cultivation of the Christian Spiritual Life while addressing various questions.

My role is to provide and translate Spiritual guidance for your questions and topics entirely derived from attuning to the specific gifts of the Holy Spirit, charismata, in a peaceful, non-trance, biblically founded presence.


Words for the Nonspeaking

Intuitive Consultant Counsel Style

Translating for you in real-time using the Spiritual Senses

and cultivated intuitive senses for perception.

Specializing in conveying the alive and well inner voice of those diagnosed with nonspeaking Autism, Advanced Parkinson's, ALS, in Hospice, and related neurological, non-communicative diagnosed conditions.

Working in concert with you, and your medical care team.


Intuitive Consultant

Translating for you in real-time using the Spiritual Senses

and cultivated intuitive senses for perception. This process provides you with perspective and wise action for various Life topics.



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