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Insight Clairvoyant Counsel 
also known as
Conveying the expression of the Holy Spirit
The Gift of Knowledge and Wisdom

also known as, but not identical, due to source origin
Psychic Intuitive

Life to Life

also known as

Discerning Spirits  |  Gift of Discernment

also known as, but not identical, due to source origin

Clairvoyant Medium

Words for the Nonspeaking

Insight Clairvoyant Counsel Style

Specializing in conveying the inner voice of those with nonspeaking Autism, Advanced Parkinson's,

in Hospice and related conditions

Heart Language for 'Animal Companions'

Insight Clairvoyant Counsel Style

also known as

Animal Communication



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O U R   C H A R I S M A T A  with Anne Marie

Welcome Worldwide!

All faiths, non-faiths, and other are Welcome.

TELEPHONE | ZOOM | NDA I am very thankful that you are interested in booking a session, or that you have booked a session.  These are Telephone sessions within the U.S.A. Audio-Only Zoom for International Sessions. I am located EST U.S.A. [New York/Philadelphia time zone].   I call you only on the date and time of the session. Another option is Zoom Audio/Video sessions by request. NDA compliant. Either way, sessions are held in complete confidentiality. For more information on entering a Non Disclosure Agreement please contact me. Validated inquires only concerning this request.  All sessions have strict confidentiality, yet some clients legally require an NDA.

A Validated and Dependable Resource My practice of service is grounded by ethics, professionalism, and profound experience. For close to one decade, clients around the world connect with me because they choose Insight Clairvoyance, Spiritual Counsel, Animal Communication, and Words for the Nonspeaking sessions are more than a form of entertainment. Here we can impart this complementary modality for larger Life path insights, spiritual nourishment / development guidance, assistance in the grieving processes, and more. Here is support in your journey of enduring peace, inner view points of happiness, sustained holistic wellness, and simplicity. Upheld is my passion to assist in: facilitating meaningful, practical, while also transcendent guidance that explores a deeper facet of the "popular face" of the descriptors "psychics and mediums," and bringing into the discussion being open about the careful use of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as the entire precedent in order for these sessions to occur without compromising the supremacy of Scripture and other religious principles. Thank you, for I believe you know: our sessions are not intended to substitute your established methods of discernment and insight. I like to see them as a supporting companion.


O U R C H A R I S M A T A R E F U N D P O L I C Y R E F U N D SCENARIO ONE If you feel within five to ten minutes or so into the start of the actual session that the Information I am conveying is not anywhere near accurate or has zero resonance, please inform me as soon as possible during the phone call. We can: 1. Clarify and try to mend what may be interfering (no minutes lost for you). 2. End the session immediately (within five-ten minutes from starting), and you will receive a full refund. 3. Or we can reschedule. R E F U N D SCENARIO TWO WHEN I NEED TO CANCEL or RESCHEDULE My goal is to provide you with my optimal services, and to best make use of your investment and time. For this to happen reliably, it is important that I am healthy and functioning well holistically during our reading session. I may cancel and notify you immediately, or ask to reschedule a session, giving as much notice as possible if I know that I am not in a premium space to assist you. IF this happens, you will be given a full refund. R E F U N D SCENARIO THREE WHEN YOU NEED TO CANCEL and RESCHEDULE There are no refunds after booking a session, which is why I provide the option to reschedule. A L S O, this is why there are REFUND SCENARIOS! It is also important for you to feel well, rested, and in a space that is clear of distractions for a session that can unfold in the most optimal way. {...I do not hold a session if you are driving...} I support your being informed about how to approach this investment with your best interests in mind! There are many factors (illness, last minute schedule changes, last minute change in unexpected plans) that can interfere with making the best use of the appointment time, or requiring the need for rescheduling. To reschedule, please contact me as soon as you know that you need to do so prior to your appointment, and your payment will stand for the new appointment time. Please feel welcome to Contact me for case by case basis on this topic. I aim to work with you as much as possible and to make doing business with Our Charismata seamless, supportive, and positive. REFUND SCENARIO FOUR In the most extraordinarily rare event that during our session I am not able to become attuned to your energy, or to "see" or convey any messages (because none are being provided, or are not meant to be provided at that date and time), I let you know immediately, and you have a full refund. The other options to take during that time when there is a felt "resistance" and there is 'nothing to convey,' I may ask you a few questions (at no cost to you, or interference with the minutes) about your mindset to check in about the following examples: "Do you have an open mind for this, are you feeling open and ready for this?" "Do you have a full to-do list on your plate, and is that "to-do list" very pressing in your mind?" "Perhaps you have squeezed in this session between hectic tasks?" "Are you multi-tasking during this time?" "Would it help if we took a little more time (no minutes lost to you) to center and calm?" ... These questions are not meant to be accusatory or judgmental at all! They could simply shed light on what to address so that we can try to continue, or not. REFUND SCENARIO FIVE I reserve the right to end the session with an abusive client, with or without notice. I reserve the right to end all communication, and any session, with a client who is not honoring, or continually refuses to honor, the ethical guidelines and boundaries in this practice.



I offer sessions paid based on a sliding scale, and payment plan options in addition to the set fees.  

Please contact me if this applies to your situation. 


"CLUTTER-FREE" WORKSPACE! I refrain from any snooping about you on the internet.  Doing that would make how I practice more difficult for me.   It is important for me to know as little about you as possible before a session, and also in between recurring sessions.  This approach provides me with a less cluttered "workspace" and more freedom for relaying in-depth messages. Your email may disclose your first and last name. Once I receive any email from a potential client, whether or not you schedule, I purposefully do no online / social sites / any / searching about you. If you do not schedule after your initial email correspondence, I still do not look into your information in any way. As it happens, people do return after not scheduling with the first contact. In order to provide the quality, energetic focus, and virtues that go into each session, I take care with regard to the quantity of readings, the time in between, ongoing professional-reflection, personal and Spiritual development. My mobile phone does not have email by choice. Also, during my work/office hours, I barely am near my mobile phone; it is most likely turned off. This choice allows me to maintain my contemplative Lifestyle, which creates the conditions for the sessions people have come to trust. Thank you for your patience with my non-instantaneous, but eventual replies through email. 


If you are thinking about recurring sessions, I strongly encourage you to read this brief Recurring Sessions Notebook post.

This way you may discern if my service style is a right fit for you.

GIVE AN O U R C H A R I S M A T A GIFT CERTIFICATE ! How it works. Go to the CONTACT page in this website and in the Message box indicate 1. Your first name 2. The Gift Certificate Recipient's first name 3. The Gift Certificate Recipient's Email Address. You are blindcopied when the Email Gift Certificate is sent. 4. The Service Type, or "blank" if you prefer the recipient has the option to choose. 5. The total amount USD. 6. A very brief personalized note to the recipient, if you choose. I email you to let you know that everything is in order along with the PayPal Invoice for the amount of your Gift Certificate, no hidden fees. [You do not need a PayPal account to pay a PayPal invoice.] Once your payment is received, the Gift Certificate is emailed, and you are blindcopied to confirm that the Gift Certificate was sent. I have a tasteful Our Charismata Gift Certificate that is customized, and then emailed to the recipient as a Photo attachment (also embedded in the email). Additionally, I include a brief overview for the recipient of how to schedule by emailing me directly, and a link to the Our Charismata website. *Please indicate if you would like to remain anonymous as the gift certificate giver. Expiration Date: None, or until Our Charismata is no longer operating. I make every effort to keep both parties updated if I will be out of office for a longer term (2 months or more), and when I am expecting to return. Refund Policy: No refunds after purchase. Yet in extraordinary cases every consideration will be made because Our Charismata hopes to make all aspects of business as seamless as possible. Thank you for considering this option!

Suggestions about Preparing for your Session.

Our Charismata supports you being informed about how to optimize your investment.