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Your feedback

about any aspect of your experience

with Anne Marie or the session itself has a positive, encouraging, and informative impact for the Lives of many others who are considering integrating these services into their path.  

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Your Testimonial


Would you recommend Our Charismata to a friend? Why?

Did you feel authentically comforted, encouraged, validated, inspired?

Was what you learned helpful, useful, or clarifying?


Was the information during the session accurate to your situation and its applicability?  

Did you feel anxious or more peaceful after the session? How did you feel? How do you feel now? Is there a meaningful difference?

Did you feel respected, not judged, and welcomed?

Remember! Do not post any of your personally identifying information such as: residential address, phone number, email, or any of your payment information.

As brief and discreet as necessary, or as detailed as you would like.
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