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Why Our Charismata

Photo © Tahir Abbas

W H Y   "O U R   C H A R I S M A T A"

All faiths, non-faiths, and other are Welcome.

I treasure this!

The Gifts of Charismata interconnect all of Life,

and are meant to be shared with ALL, including our animal family, 

to collectively   unify,   uplift,   encourage,   enlighten,   awaken,   guide,   support,

and meet your needs at the time that is right for you.


I have been entrusted with bringing you into experiencing Messages derived from specific gifts of the Holy Spirit perceived by the Spiritual senses by Grace (without trying to convert, using neutral language in all aspects), and so I dedicate my purest effort, intention, Lifestyle, and practice.

In Community | Interdependent | Innate to All

To take the focus off of me; I am only the connecting bridge, helping joyfully.

"Our Charismata" inherently decentralizes my role as operating on self-sufficiency or claiming any exclusive authority.

Rather, the intention of "Our" charismata orients these services within a context of everyone's presence holding and bringing value, highlights the unifying theme of unconditional Love, as well as the innate abilities and Spiritual senses for perception within each being, within all of Life; interbeing.

A sincere part of my mission is to Lovingly help your gaze fall and stay on that which makes all of this possible rather than on me.


D E F I N I T I O N 

The Greek term charisma (Charismata, plural) denotes any good Spiritual expression that flows from God's (your term of reverence) benevolent Love and Grace (charis) unto Living beings.

This includes a non-dualistic view of God as not a separate, personified being from Life.

In metaphysics, one of the synonyms for God is Life. 

The expression of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is also called

C H A R I S M A T A.  

Gifts-expression of Holy Spirit, of Grace, used for the Good of All.

 * Ultimately, it is One Infinite Spirit, sourced from Unconditional Love, that is guiding and providing the content for your session! *


"I see clearly with the interior eye."
St Catherine of Genoa (1447-1510)

O U R  C H A R I S M A T A  sessions

begin within the aspirations of   thankfulness,  service,  warmth,  compassion, freedom,  and nonjudgment.

A very warm welcome to All  
A judgment-free atmosphere
for all beliefs, all cultural backgrounds, personal circumstances, all gender identities, all frames of reference, every societal status.

All topics and emotions that arise are within a professional setting where it is my honor to provide you a place that is free of judgment at all times.

< Secular > < Spiritual > < Christianity > < Not Defined? >

My personal practice is situated purposefully for accessibility by a secular demographic as well as for those who actively desire an openly Spiritual or religious acknowledgment in their session experience. All demographics are given the full transparency that my personal beliefs and opinions are not imposed into your session or any correspondence. 

Worldwide.  Worldviews.  You are fully welcomed and respected. 

F r e s h   S p a c e  

I have purposefully taken great consideration in cultivating, writing, and maintaining my Ethical Code of Conduct in my full-time practice to best honor you and to help orient this discernment modality within a fresh and Trusted context, in a   s p a c e   where relevant Wisdom meets you.

O U R  C H A R I S M A T A's  formation was inspired by

the transformative power to be of help for others with a focused loyalty to the Principles of Truth and Integrity, including support during the path of suffering and bereavement, while upholding your personal freedom, privacy, independence, and inherent wholeness at all times.

O U R  C H A R I S M A T A  is a resource

for learning about Specialized Spiritual Direction Services, Words for the Nonspeaking modality, and Animal Communication.

Additionally for the promotion of Dialogue on this topic within Christianity, across diverse cultures, and safeguarding the public from misconduct and misrepresentation.  


The  S E T T I N G  and

the  L I G H T I N G

Right Motive - Mindful Lovingkindness

is at the root of my practice and the long-held compassion to ease suffering in any form, in other words to magnify well-being holistically.

With Mindful Lovingkindness and a contemplative mindset, here is a connection for a truly nonjudgmental and respectful interaction.

Thorough Ethics

are the building blocks that have proven what I offer to be valid and True.

The Substance

supplied for you includes evidentiary precision, practicality, applicability, and transformative meaning. Inspiration in   f r e s h  ways for your Life.

The Source

of how I, in my particular practice, arrive as a Specialized Spiritual Direction services provider and Animal Communicator can be summed up this way:

"...Ultimately spiritual gifts are not our presumed strengths and abilities, not something that we "have" (or even have been given), but what God does through us in spite of ourselves." Richard Gaffin

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