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Words for the Nonspeaking

Intuitive Consultant Session Style

Perceiving with the Spiritual senses, the Clair senses, Insight, and cultivated intuition.

I serve as a translator when your Loved one's ability to communicate freely is not an option.

Specializing in Conveying the inner voice of those diagnosed with nonspeaking Autism, Advanced Parkinson's, ALS, Coma, in Hospice and similar conditions.

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Let us live in this world with beautiful mind, not with disability.

Amrita Gyawali

Within a strongly ethical context

How my services assist with your situation

For those Living, I relay the needs/messages in situations where a person's communication abilities are impeded, relating to medical diagnoses, but they still desire to be heard. 

This has included individuals who are in hospice, and those who have been diagnosed with nonspeaking Autism and who are not able to express all of their thoughts and emotions that are independent of Autism (as examples).

This type of Service falls under the “Intuitive Consultant" Session Category. There is neutral language used, and as with every session style, I do not impose my beliefs or opinions onto the session, or throughout any communication. This service is specifically present to offer a view into the situation beyond what our five senses perceive, which is an ability innately present within everyone.

My skill set facilitates to open up a two-way line of expression, from a non-medical, non-analytical framework.

Inclusive and Augments any relevant Professional Medical Care

You have professionals who tend to the treatment, diagnoses, healthcare management. My service here is meant to act as an accompaniment to their efforts, your efforts, and that what is generated from the two-way line of communication that is translated by me for you is integrated (as you feel led) into the whole picture. My service is to allow you to 'hear' the thoughts, feelings, questions, and answers of your Loved one, or person in your care, who otherwise would not be able to relay this to you at the level we experience during the session.

Unimpeded Awareness despite diagnosis or presenting symptoms

Bringing "Words for the Nonspeaking" to you is a great passion because it can change Lives in very fundamentally important ways.

Providing these sessions has opened my eyes since my first professional session surrounding someone diagnosed with nonspeaking autism, and changed my awareness of what is possible completely regarding any diagnoses that relate to nonspeaking conditions.

My own family members

I have (have had) several beloved family members who have or had nonspeaking Life circumstances for medical reasons. One great-uncle had scarlet fever in his youth, which led to a mostly entirely nonverbal condition, and he was surely a vibrant man with a full inner Life, and a long Life at that! 

Of the very few people he trusted or felt comfortable to have in his space, I was so honored on the day 'he approved' to let me sit with him to enjoy lunch together at his brother's restaurant. Otherwise, his rhythm was to enjoy his lunch at his favorite table solo, and this was an unspoken understanding.

Somehow, after his careful assessment of me over time, I was "ok," and he could perceive when I was ready to understand what he had to share with me, nonverbally, without writing. 

Being about 9 or 10 years old, I talked enthusiastically about this or that during the lunch, and then I experienced an unforgettable shift; a moment of clarity, a message to 'sit still' and listen 'differently,' to be quiet and hear from my great-uncle. It all happened effortlessly, it is difficult to explain scientifically. So he was one of several teachers from my very early youth about this way of being with, and sharing communication with people.

A   P A T H W A Y

When people have found themselves in a pattern of hopelessness, worry, concern, stress, and just plain carrying the various burdens involved, when you are very ready, here is a pathway to seeing your circumstances with a new lens.  


Yes, there is a certain vulnerability involved in this process.  I am with you there.

I support you in the courage required to explore this step, and would like you to feel encouraged because I am professionally established, and put great care into the ethics of my practice.

Our session is based in a nonjudgmental premise, and the intention for you to feel welcomed, at ease, in a Peace-filled connection.

F R A M E W O R K  for  U N D E R S T A N D I N G

From my professional perception and experience

A person is not her or his or their diagnosis. 

A person is not his or her or their symptoms of an ailment or disability.

I am shown that the essential nature of a person is untouched by diagnosis or symptoms, and it is exactly there, in that essential place, where I am led to connect; using faculties beyond the five senses, using the Spiritual senses, insight, and cultivated intuition.


From there, I can facilitate expression for the communication of the thoughts, feelings, inner Life that never were, are, or will be impeded by physical difficulties of your Loved one.

O N L Y   W H A T   Y O U   A S K  and are open to knowing - that is what I translate. 

P l e a s e   b e   a s s u r e d, this session is specifically to bring to light what is Good, what is fruitful, helpful, meaningful, and Loving.  In other words, you will not be facing a "trial" filled with complaints. 

I happen to believe it is because we are working within a Spirit of Peace and Lovingkindness, that each session highlights what is most insightful and actionable for the Good of all.

These are commonly asked questions before this session is booked: "Will we find out embarrassing things? Will we be told we have approached this person's care in all of the wrong ways?  Will it just be about all of the ways we are failing, neglecting, or not able to give what this person really needs?"

The answer to each question is, "No."  Far from in a superficial way, each person experiencing this session finds an atmosphere of receptivity, of the Heart opening in new ways, of what is acknowledged as being deeply appreciated, and  v e r y   i m p o r t a n t l y  so many words of affection and gratitude, specific to your situation, that have been waiting to be expressed for as long as there has been that type of obstacle.  


__What is going well.

__Favorite moments, activities.

__Possibilities to consider changing; in care, in routine, community, education.

__More specifics on personal preferences.

__Why there may be an unfavorable environment or response (to certain people, activities, etc.) and how to proceed with beneficial changes (from the Loved one's point of view).

__What brings peace of mind, feelings of safety, and physical comfort.

__Answers to your questions.

C O L L A B O R A T I O N Kindly note that what I convey is not intrinsically intended to conflict with or negate the established methods of care (medical services, teachers, related professional advice). If Information that I translate seems to provide an alternate method, approach, or is seemingly "at odds" with what your team of professionals are communicating, please defer to them, a n d include your own innate insight. Many times there is a way to blend, combine, or create an intersection of the seemingly "at odds" pieces of Information. I have found that the client knows this pathway best.

Photo Lon Dean


A Brief Example of how my service may provide the following experience (confidentiality upheld, and specifics with permission): A mother who never heard her own young son verbally call her "mama" because of the nonspeaking Autism diagnosis and symptoms, was able to hear that and so much more: "...How he Loves story-time and has memorized the stories by now, but even more how he Loves being there with her while she is cooking, because he really likes the way everything smells. [This specific detail suprised the mother very much, because it was also one of her favorite activities to do with him there.] "The swings are his favorite, and he feels so safe with her near." [Again, just a brief excerpt.] Of course before connecting with this woman I did not know any of the details of this topic, or of their Life together, so she was amazed by how that could be "accessed," but even more importantly, she was moved to tears to "finally" know all of this from her son right there with her. ...That she was "a good mother," was her biggest concern, and wow did she receive her answer and Love in return during that session.

P E R S O N A L  I M P R I N T 


This session topic also has a personal imprint in my heart because from the time I was very young,
until age 12 (the time of her passing), I visited my paternal grandmother in the nursing home on a regular basis with my father.

She was there for 24/7 care due to the extent of her body's Parkinson's symptoms.  She could not speak vocally (this was before computers everywhere, and before the technology that can assist these days).

At that time, I did not think to share my experiences with my family because I figured it was what everyone was experiencing. My Grandmother could not speak, yet she and I communicated effortlessly without either of us talking. Over those years, she was a dear friend, a Grandmother in the fullest sense, and without me knowing at the time, she was validating, and allowing me to experience, this modality of interaction.

I Love you Grandmom Mary, thank you.  I aspire to bring honor to you in this service for others.


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I N C L U S I V E 

Across all faith, spiritual, non-spiritual, or not defined world views, Our Charismata services meet your presence and what brings you to connect, without agenda and without judgment.

I have no intention of changing the way you think or changing, challenging, what you believe. In our Sessions I simply dive into the content aspiring to honor you, and the content provided for you!

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