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The "Spiritual Senses" and the "Clair Senses" in Our Charismata Services.

What are the Spiritual Senses? Anne Marie navigates and interprets the Spiritual Senses to provide the content matter for your session. Here is an overview of both the Spiritual Senses and the Clair senses to help you familiarize yourself with her process.

NOTE: You do not need to be spiritual to be assisted with service options apart from Specialized Spiritual Direction. Anne Marie uses only neutral language and does not impose her beliefs, opinions, or personal advice onto you, your session, or in correspondence.

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Soft. Loud. Shadowy. Crisp. Sweet.

Touch. Hearing. Sight. Taste. Smell.

Hearing. Touch. Sight. Smell. Taste.

You are probably very accustomed to navigating all of the information coming your way for your brain to process using one or all of the 5 material senses:

taste, touch, hearing, smell, sight.

Processing information with your material senses seems to take only milliseconds, but I will leave it to the scientists for those precise terms and measurements!

As stated at the top of the article, a client who schedules as session with me does not need to be "Spiritual." The following definitions, looking at root words, and descriptors are presented for all backgrounds. Perception with the non-material senses, in my experience, is just like experiencing reality with the 5 material senses.

For me, this all happens without drugs, tools, crystals, gems, trances, fainting, and respectfully, in a non-charismatic way. It's all very calm and I'm simply in my quietly (highly) focused, cultivated, meditative, mindful mindset.

Bright Note There is a strong line of thought and belief that we all have Spiritual senses, bright intuition, and access to the "clair senses". Each person has these senses, all or some, to varying degrees. Many schools of thought say it is about how receptive we are to them and the degree of readiness for them.

I have also found in meeting and talking with people that at certain times in Life one or more are heightened and then at other times in Life much of this falls into the background for any number of reasons. Interestingly, this type of perception is not a thing to try to force to arise. It is also nothing to boast about for personal merit. I write about it here not to boast, but to provide some context and connection!

Well, as you read, you may find that you are already familiar with these ways of perception in your own life experiences. Isn't that something! Based on the majority of people I have known or met since my youth, especially in hindsight, it is clear as day these senses were and are present and working.

Thank you for your interest in understanding, and even perhaps relating to, how I navigate the information for your session content matter.



"What is termed material sense can report only a mortal temporary sense of things, whereas spiritual sense can bear witness only to Truth." (298).

"... All the spiritual senses of man are eternal. They cannot be lost. (Spiritual senses) are in Spirit and understanding, not in matter, - hence their permanence." (486).

"This understanding (Spiritual sense) is not intellectual, is not the result of scholarly attainments, it is the reality of all things brought to light. God's ideas reflect the immortal... and infinite." (505).




Clairaudient: "clear hearing," the faculty to hear sounds said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity.

Example: Think of the sound of rain. (Make sure it is not raining!) You are hearing this sound but with what ears? because it is not actually raining. That's basically how I experience perceiving with "clear hearing." One step further; in response to a question asked during a session, clairaudience can happen yet it is new, precise information that is important to the situation.

I rely on two different sources for clairaudient information. One is when there is are animals present in the session; they tend to express through clairaudience. The other source is in language from my own personal paradigm and within the category of using Spiritual gifts, as a practicing Christian; specific gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Claircognizant: "clear knowing"  :  the ability for a person to acquire (be given) accurate knowledge without knowing how or why he or she knew it.


Clairempathy: "clear emotion," Able to sense or "feel" within oneself the attitude or emotions of another person.

Clairscent: "clear smelling," Able to smell a fragrance or odor that is beyond the finite perception of the material, olfactory sense. (Again, these are Spiritual senses; beyond the five senses.)


Clairsentient: "clear feeling or sensation" as distinguished from perception and thought : ('Clear Feeling') the ability to feel strongly and sense the emotions and feelings of people, animals, Spirits, and places around them.


Clairtangency: "clear touching," Able to perceive information about an article, its owner, and / or history by holding an object or by touching someone or something. This ability is commonly known as psychometry.


Clairvoyant: "clear seeing,"  someone who receives intuitive information visually : the faculty of discerning objects not present to the finite senses, able to see beyond the range of ordinary perception. The access and application to the Spiritual senses.

Example: picture an apple in your mind's eye/when you close your eyes. What color is it? Where is it located? Is it on a table, still on the tree? Is it sliced or whole? etc.

That is basically what it is like to "be shown intuitive information visually." Many, precise details are shown in the mind's eye that are specific to the question or session in or to provide benefit.



The means of perceiving beyond the five senses, which all living beings 'have', are described in different ways. As you may have read by now from this website, my descriptors are: The Spiritual senses, cultivated intuition, insight sense, clairvoyant senses (in the root of their definitions), and as is it specific only to Christian service provision, attuning to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Yes! Insight!

Insight: seeing into the True nature of reality. 
The capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing. Greater awareness of the inner workings of reality; breaking through illusions.

The Notebook Post for a look at INSIGHT

That about rounds it up for now. There are some extra materials below for those who have the time.

As ever if you have any questions about this topic or about any service option, kindly contact me.


If you've spent any time on my website, you know that I am fairly dedicated to approaching these services for you with deep roots in ethical conduct! When ethical codes of conduct are in the core of the person providing these styles of services, I think, and have been taught, that it is a responsible path to best serve others.


Additional reading for those readers out there!


Remote Viewing:  the ability to acquire accurate information about a distant or non-local place, person or event without using the physical senses or any other obvious means.

It is associated with the idea of clairvoyance, seemingly being able to spontaneously know something without actually knowing how one got the information.  It is also sometimes called “anomalous cognition” or “second sight.”

Medical Intuition: intuitively perceiving information concerning the human / animal body. 

A Medical Intuitive can energetically read the insides (organs, glands, blood, etc.) of our bodies.


Metaphysical Christian Language

Spiritual Senses

  • Thank you for understanding that I have being connecting with people form very diverse backgrounds of belief. Since I do offer just one service option that is in place for practicing Christians, Specialized Spiritual Direction, some writing throughout my website will reflect the language within Christian terminology because Christians are also reading this website material.

In this particular example of Christian Metaphysics I draw on Christian Science, which is a branch of Christianity (like Lutheranism, or Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian or Catholic).

So much about it is poorly misunderstood, yet that is a topic for another day. Today, there is a very clear understanding from this brilliant denomination, which leans heavily towards the metaphysical relation to reality, about the Spiritual Senses.

The word "sense," as an instance, has two distinct meanings: spiritual and material—the spiritual definition implying true perception, consciousness…There are numerous ways in which spiritual sense may be cultivated. The field is God's, and the preparation of the ground for harvest is loving consecration. This consecration itself constantly builds up and strengthens. When we acknowledge no other sense than the divine, wonderful vistas are opened before us; there is a sense of joy in the revelation, and a sense of gratitude for its unfoldment. Through gratitude and joy we mount to Love; and as we manifest love we pass its joy along to others.

When we have washed the windowpanes free of material grime, the sunlight pours through them and dispels the gloom. In the light of spiritual understanding we can see so much of the glory of God that we send up a prayer for this understanding for all mankind. In this larger ministry, thought can no longer center about self, but must become enlarged with the fuller sense of the fatherhood of God and the universal nature of the brotherhood of man.

Spiritual Sense

Alice F. Funken

The Christian Sience Sentinel, July 18, 1931.


Is "Our Charismata"... "Charismatic?"

NO, my services are not Charismatic. Kindly understand, respectfully written, that Our Charismata service options and my practice is NOT "CHARISMATIC," as in the Charismatic movement, Charismatic Revival or Renewal, and Neo-Pentecostalism in the Christian Churches and related charismatic fellowship services and worship services with the associated "zealous" qualities.

I am simply using the word "Charismata," which is translated from Greek to mean gifts, and within Christian Spirituality translated more freely to"gifts of Grace or gifts of the Holy Spirit." Especially significant information for those joining me in Specialized Spiritual Direction sessions; I am very transparent that my source for discernment and other Spiritual gifts is not "various gods," but God-YHWH-the Holy Spirit, by Grace.


Calm and Neutral. Sessions in any service option with me are a calm, peaceful, and as an aspiration, uplifting experience. I use neutral language, I do not impose my beliefs onto the session, I do not bring up my beliefs in any correspondence. Thank you for taking a moment to be on the same page with me.


*Definition quotes for Spiritual Senses are from:

Eddy, Mary Baker. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Boston, The Writings of Mary Baker Eddy, 1934.

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