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Insight - Seeing Things As They Are

O U R   C H A R I S M A T A

Great white egrets are flying over water


From the Greek khárismata. 
"Gifts of Grace,"
 a unifying thread among us all. 

Anne Marie Varrella

Founder and Services Provider

Spiritual Direction and Animal Communication with Anne Marie
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Intuitive Interspecies Communication

Intuitive Consultant

Specialized Spiritual Direction

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Animal Communication Session

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Highlighting Awareness about the countless, real-time benefits for anyone who Lives with or provides care for pets, animal companions, and wildlife.

"Intuitive Consultant" option and "Testimonials" pages have new content arriving just around the corner. Please feel welcome to return for the updates.

Service Option Update on
Specialized Spiritual Direction.
* What it is in Our Charismata.
* What it is not.
* Why its contents have parallels with
"psychic readings," yet how, in essence,
it [SSD] is fundamentally grounded in the uncorrupted Heart of the Christian Spirituality premise that has been in practice for millennia. Supplying provision to integrate with faith-Life-applications.

Animal Communication also known as "Intuitive Interspecies Communication" [IIC], is a formally validated profession. Its origins and cultural integrations vastly predate the Academic and Scientific research buzz it is garnering now. With a community of professional global practitioners, a recognized code of ethics, and eliciting sound respect for the brilliance of its applicability across diverse circumstances, there is a resurgence of (re)connecting people with its intrinsic value. 

For as much as can be written, read about, and described, it is truly the experience of a session that brings Animal Communication out of the realm of curiosity or defying logic and into the concrete, the tangible. The real-time experience is the key to understanding from the inside.

Animal Communication

also known as

Intuitive Interspecies Communication

Using Heart-to-Heart Language intuitive techniques, I attune with your pets, animal family companions, and other animals in various welfare settings. I facilitate a two-way communication process to help strengthen a collaborative understanding so that humans and non-human animals can support each other and co-exist in unprecedented ways.

Answers are authentically useful solutions and are immediately applicable. Fresh perspectives and eye-opening insights on the many practical topics have been supplied for those who live with pets, for Veterinarians, Trainers, Rehabilitation therapists (wild and domestic), Zoological workers, Farm caretakers, Animal Sanctuary staff, Adoption/Foster centers, & Wildlife Restoration workers. 

Photo © Our Charismata
Photo © Jeffrey Holcombe
White summer peonies
Photo © Our Charismata

Looking for a seasoned Animal Communicator who is passionate about honoring and listening to all animals (including your pets or animals in your care), you, animal welfare, the well-being of living together, while assisting you in bringing integrated solutions into realization?

Join Me!


Honestly, Openly, Helping

people, and their families including animal family (pets, fosters, farm life, zoological establishments, wildlife refuges, sanctuaries), who welcome these specialized areas of support is where my heart Lives and feels inspired each day. I am honored by each session with you. Your courageous receptivity is met with care, gentleness, and bright-with-focus preparedness.


Professionally, ~14 Years. I have been continually refining and cultivating the abilities from birth into what has been a full-time service in a trusted Professional capacity. Serving for over 9 years available to clients worldwide, and 5 years prior to that locally in Pennsylvania.


Authentic in the tradition of  welcoming A L L without agenda, with time-honored qualities and standards.

Only An Accompaniment

The provenance of the Our Charismata Sessions exists to serve as an eloquent accompaniment for your wisdom and intuition, and your current discernment and well-being modalities for you, your Loved ones, your pets, non-human animals, animal family.

The gifts of these services are not meant to be experienced in isolation; they live most fully when integrated into a nourished context that is already present in your Life.

What is provided here harmonizes with and often augments or strengthens the primary areas of your Life that you bring up in your session.


Here is inspiration for renewal, transformation, illumination; for your quality of Mind, your perspective of Life circumstances, and animal companions; reaching you where it is most needed effortlessly. 

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Rather than myself as the focus

I am in awe of the Source of your session messages,

and the charismata, intuition, present within each attendee.

The Setting

The  S E T T I N G  and

the  L I G H T I N G

Right Motive - Mindful Lovingkindness is at the root of my practice.

The long-felt compassion to ease suffering and confusion in any of its forms is made possible by these services, which brings in the gentle power of gratitude.

With Mindful Lovingkindness and a contemplative mindset, here is a connection for a truly judgment-free, supportive, and respectful interaction.

Thorough Ethics are the building blocks that have proven what I offer to be valid and True.

The Substance supplied for you includes evidentiary precision, practicality, applicability, and transformative meaning.  Inspiration in   f r e s h   ways for your Life. 

I see through what the outer facade presents, and skillfully bring to you the deeper clarity from that process.

The Source of how I, in my particular practice, arrive as an Animal Communicator and other Our Charismata services practitioner can be summed up this way:

"...Ultimately spiritual gifts are not our presumed strengths and abilities, not something that we "have" (or even have been given), but what God does through us in spite of ourselves."

Richard Gaffin   [My beliefs and my personal opinions are never imposed onto your session or in correspondence.]

With Our Charismata, it is a time to be in the present moment, to invite stillness; to bring in the clarity and simplicity of Truth

"Being a bridge, a companion, and translator in these experiences remains an eternal place of wonder, and brings radical beauty into my every day.  
​How to give back due to being placed in the pathway of such fundamental Love?
I assure that in each aspect of service there is time-tested and well-formed professionalism grounded in universal ethics, which supports the dignity of all beings.

I personally acknowledge with thanks that the purity of Love and Truth, limitless, the Light for seeing, is the centering provision and content of your session.
My job as a bridge for Counsel, Insight, and Animal Communication is to stay attentive, receptive, agile, discerning; in an attitude of reverence.  

Articulated by the selfless, global role model Saint Mother Teresa, 'God is doing the work. I remain faithful.'"

Anne Marie

Founder and Services Provider

Anne Marie Our Charismata

"The senses of Spirit abide in Love, and demonstrate Truth and Life."   M.B. Eddy


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Why Am I on "Best Psychic Directory?"
I do not identify my services with the popular culture use of "psychic."
I choose to list my business information on 'Best Psychic Directory' because countless people worldwide seek professional Animal Communicators, and the
content of Specialized Spiritual Direction by referring to that website. Valuable connections are made.  *For "Specialized Spiritual Direction, Illumination by specific gifts of the Holy Spirit" the content / qualities are similar to what is provided in a "psychic reading." The key difference is that I am transparent about my distinct Source and orientation within Christianity for SSD services. I cannot speak for what psychics acknowledge as their source and related ethical code of conduct.
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