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Anne Marie Varrella

Animal Communicator
For any pets* and their human companions. Including professionals in animal medicine fields, trainers & behaviorists, employees and the animals in their care in wildlife sanctuaries, refuges, rehabilitation centers, zoos, farms, service animals, animals in military and police assistance roles,
I am so pleased to say for professionals in sustainable environmental fields where rewilding and rehabitation are taking place.
*For simplicity of language 'pets,' or 'animals' are the terms used to represent animals that are non-human; from fish, to birds, dogs, horses, otters, and camels. My service continues to assist both domestic and wild.
A Service in the Christian Faith
Benefiting those diagnosed with Nonspeaking Autism. 
Including diagnosed neurological conditions that severely interfere with verbal and written communicating or signing. 

Anne Marie Varrella

Founder and Services Provider

Our Charismata
From the Greek χαρίσματα. 
A translation is "Gifts."
translation is "Grace."

"Our"- the sense of something shared. A unifying thread among us all.
Gifts to be used in the service of others.
Spiritual Direction and Animal Communication with Anne Marie
"My job is to see through what the outer facade presents and skillfully bring to you the deeper clarity from that process."
This is a serene and quietly focused experience, full of warmth. 
The subject matter of your professional session arises from Anne Marie skillfully perceiving, navigating, and then translating cultivated intuitive insight, the Spiritual senses, and Heart-based Empathic faculties. 
Precisive discernment is a key foundation in her process.

Our Charismata services are an accompaniment to the linear, analytical framework for knowing.

Efficacious, Alive, and Resonant - Meeting your needs
Session outcomes peacefully welcome you to understand and interact with your circumstances with a refreshed perspective about them.

Useful, Holds Value 
With answers to your questions, you are equipped with insight that is meaningful and has immediate applicability for your next steps.

Level of Experience
Over 10 Years in this professional capacity, giving equal dedication with thanks to each service option!
Aged into her
 40s, Anne Marie has been serving for over 9 years available to clients worldwide (remotely), and 5 years part-time prior to that locally in Pennsylvania.

The organizing, central Principle of Our Charismata is of service; to magnify well-being that arises with a view of harmony and the comprehensive freedom in which all of Life shares.
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