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Why you will not find the buzz phrase "Connect with someone on the other side" in Our Charismata

Another side of the other side of "the veil" so often spoken about in clairvoyant Medium circles.

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Photo Our Charismata

In my experience, the popular phrase, "Connect with someone/Spirits/Loved Ones on the other side of the veil," already suggests that you are not always connected with Spirit, and those in Spirit (not in their earthly form).

You are always connected!

The only perceived veil is due to the construct of the five senses, it's ok!

For me, "Connect with," means that I serve as a translator. In Christian Spirituality jargon, this faculty, or gift, is called "Discerning spirits," also known as, but not identical to, a Clairvoyant or Mental Medium. By Grace, I can more precisely tune into the present with the intention of creating a more defined meeting space so a line of communication can be tapped into - and so we have a session!

... Also, by using the phrase, "the other side/veil," this statement continues to suggest that there is some kind of division among us; when, as we look into our deepest identity (agree or not) we are a unified whole, interconnected of pure Spirit, and unconditional, beyond-limitations-Love. The premise of interbeing is the standard. That, actually, is exactly why the expression of those in pure Spirit is accessible.

On one hand, our five senses create the suggested divisions. While on the other hand, the dear five senses also play the other role as the bridge to merge the perceived divisions, and are the vehicles for literally translating the immaterial.

For me, there is no "other side," there is "right here."

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