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About the limits of language and words

Especially in the Discerning spirits / Life to Life / Clairvoyant Medium context

How do we navigate those limitations that words may present in order to be able to express what we need, especially when exploring an area that is also not so concrete: Spirituality?

We end up using terms like 'died,' 'death,' 'departed,' or 'in Spirit,' 'spirit guides,'...


'Life everlasting,' 'Continuation,' 'Afterlife science,' 'The survival of consciousness after biological death.'

These words are well-meaning placeholders (though constrained and constraining) that help to distinguish between what is not perceived by the five senses from ourselves, who are breathing and asking the questions.

For example

Sometimes using the word 'God' is like filling a shoe with sand and then trying to fit your foot into it; the language falls short or abbreviates something too vast to be put into words. Here at Our Charismata, the sometimes limitations of words is understood and recognized.

For professional Insight Clairvoyant and Spiritual Counsel service providers, the deepest of Truths may be named in diverse and personal ways, and there is honor held for the names that others revere, as well as for those who do not identify with any beliefs.

Another example

I am clear to note my resonance with a "Discerning spirits" and "Life to Life" session versus being called a Clairvoyant Medium, or psychic. Those descriptors can yield similar content, and on paper many outcomes overlap, yet the premise is not identical for those descriptors, which is ok! There is room for everyone, and I have no agenda to change anyone's beliefs, ways of thinking, etc. . Also, I am fine with the casual use of "medium reading" in correspondence, or for Internet search engine purposes.

For the purposes of following my Heart and being of service to as many people as who are ready, I have to include and even use the phrases (for Internet search engines and advertising purposes) that do not do justice to the reality and beauty of it all.

Sometimes, a Lived experience, or a meaning, cannot be summated into a descriptor.

The Our Charismata Definitions glossary

An attempt to create a common ground of understanding within Our Charismata communication!

The Good news is: no matter the words or semantics, Divine Love, and its message for you, finds no bounds; your messages, your answers find a way right to your Heart afterall.

© Our Charismata

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