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Ethics in Action at Our Charismata

There is an astonishing range of Spiritual Directors, Animal Communicators, Psychics, Clairvoyants, Intuitives, Life Coaches, Shamans etc. who can be easily accessed, instantly, on countless platforms.

Due to this exact proliferation, Our Charismata chooses to anchor its practice in something by which you can distinguish its Truthful and Professional intentions: Ethics. Ethical Conduct

Anne Marie's Ethical Imprint

There is no unifying, preeminent, governing body for "intuitive or generalized Spiritual practitioners," nor is there a nationally recognized Code of Ethics similar to the APA Ethics Code equivalent to what psychologists follow, as an example.

That lack of context and accountability is something I feel is important to take note of, for yourself, for myself, and our Loved ones if we are seeking an intuitive arts practitioner or to use my preferred descriptors: Specialized Spiritual Direction provider, and Animal Communicator [Intuitive Interspecies Communicator].

The closest recognized, international Code of Ethics comes from the foundation called "Spiritual Directors International."

Spiritual Directors International is an exemplar in many ways, and an inspiration that finds its way into the core of my approach to providing the Our Charismata services. To each aspect of my services, I apply the following:

1. The Spiritual Directors International Guidelines for Ethical Conduct and

2. The humble Christian context, and Biblically substantiated guidelines, from which the Grace-derived ability to provide these services springs.

There are lines and boundaries; lines based on holding respect and honor for the dignity of all beings within the implementation of these services. Those lines help to maintain and uphold the honest, ethical legacy of that dignity imparted over the millennia.

And there are lines in place not meant to ever be crossed, for the safeguarding of the public, and in a way, to safeguard practitioners from becoming self-serving. If we cannot see these ethical boundaries, if we cannot articulate them, then there is a lack of responsibility, and accountability.

Consequences of offering services without any ethical guidelines established as a compass

Fraudulence, criminal activity, and abuses are often the outcome.

Taking those consequences a step further: deeply ingrained stigmas, discrimination, and disdain are the stains and burdens that outdo the original beauty and beneficence of these services when in the right hands and Hearts. This ultimately means snuffing out the opportunity to experience an honest, ethical session in the time it takes to finish uttering the words "Christian" or "Animal Communicator."

Another consequence? The True and well-meaning practitioners are difficult to find, greatly gifted practitioners have to hide part of their identities or choose to not put their faculties into practice for the Good of all. There is an opposing current through which to swim, which can be draining, and even if one gets through the rip tide, there remains the unspoken undertone of negative biases, generally speaking.

Thankfully, there are still those practitioners who take courage, and let integrity and compassion lead them on, keep them focused on the Truth, grounded by ethics.

If, for you, a session means more than entertainment and is a personal investment, then you may feel it is wisely advised to find out about the existence of your Insight clairvoyant, Spiritual Director, Animal Communicator's code of ethics.

Throughout the entire connection, including correspondence, an independent practitioner's ethical standards statement, easily accessible to you at all times, is an important indicator of intention and regard for your best interests, and anyone else involved in the sessions with you.

Our Charismata's Guidelines for Ethical Conduct

Our Charismata's Personal Privacy Promise

None of the following has a place in my practice Histrionics, charlatanism, fraudulence, stalking you on social media, engaging in paid-for-testimonials, taking advantage of the vulnerability during grieving, giving you my thoughts and advice rather than what is ascertained through the Spiritual Senses/ Holy Spirit gifts, intentions of converting you to my way of thinking and believing, any connection to the historical and present abuses within similar service contexts, any impure motive.

I support your being informed on the most effective use of your investment, and about the subtleties, like the importance of ethics in practice.

© Our Charismata

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