A Label Defying Mind Comes to Terms - Anne Marie meets Descriptors with Candor

I never liked a label or narrative to define myself or others. I like freedom.

All the same, let's talk (normally) controversial descriptors in this mysterious but simple and not mysterious profession. For your consideration in IV Parts.


Our Charismata transparency inclusivity


For people seeking a True, non-fraudulent, professional, established, worth-your-investment, evidential, precise, meaningful 'psychic intuitive,' 'clairvoyant medium,' and or animal communicator, "Yes," I can provide these services for you, although I call them by different descriptors, and identify myself personally with different descriptors.

I do not impose or "preach" my beliefs and opinions during your session, or in any correspondence. I use neutral language, and stay on target.


I hear your view point and I have no agenda to change the way anyone thinks or believes.

For those who additionally declare that Christians in this profession are profoundly corrupt, part of "satan's retinue," and misguided, please reread the previous sentence.


Yes, I can provide those services to you and those are my personal, main descriptors for the premise of this service, and why it is possible. To be more specific: the gifts of knowledge, wisdom, counsel, and discerning spirits. 1 Corinthians 12 and Isaiah 11:2-3

You (all) are welcome to read more within the website on the "Christianity" page.


In the Good-hearted nature of constructive Ecumenical Dialogue, and for the deepening of Spiritual Life, I have provided overviews of books authored by non-fundamentalist Christian Theologians, Professors, and Biblical scholars whose works substantiate and provide a deeply broader perspective of using the gifts of the Holy Spirit: defining Cessationism and Continuist history as well as present day contexts. Again, I hold no agenda to change how anyone thinks or believes.

There is a nebulous descriptor "medium" and then there is a more specific descriptor, "discerner of spirits." My services involve "discerning spirits." I am deeply aware of the Leviticus Scriptural substantiation forbidding 'consulting a medium or necromancer,' and to modernize / specify; "anyone practicing Spiritualism," which is why I am thankful to state that I am not, and have not been, a medium, necromancer, or practitioner of spiritualism, etc.

Due to the fact that there is so much in the DNA of Christianity that does not differentiate between "Consulting a medium / Spiritualist" and receiving guidance from a Christian with the actively cultivated gift of Discerning Spirits, I am led to emphasize and substantiate that Our Charismata services are part of the non-Cessationist, New Covenant service of "discerning spirits."

My Related Notebook Posts for Substantiation and Reclamation

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"The Gift of Prophecy" by Wayne Grudem. Context and Substantiation for Our Charismata Services

A "Christian Medium" Is there such a thing?

O U R C H A R I S M A T A holds no intention that the services offered should supersede the Principles and teachings of Religious traditions. Services are not a place of fortune-telling, not for the profit of power, and not to control the future. Our Charismata services do not to add to, change, contest, or compromise the supremacy of Scripture. Especially within the Christian context, it is a premise that clients remain in seeking to grow in direct relationship to God, and to the Living Word, the Bible. I am not a prophet. I do not practice as a "medium" in the Hebrew scriptural or Spiritist traditions. I do not lead people to worship foreign gods. Thank you for understanding this.


F O R E V E R Y O N E ... perspectives

Christian Perspective 1. Feel encouraged to view this article "What is a Medium" on the website Christianity.com.

I highlight it

  • To let it be known that I am aware of, and have studied, the sharp command of Christians to NOT consult "mediums," (or be one) and the explanatory supportive verses from Judeo-Christian Scriptures.

  • To promote reflection: Is there any mention of the gift of discerning spirits in the article? Of the part that Cessationism has to do with the theological premise of the article? Is there any mention of what Jesus tasks his apostles (and then disciples) to do in his Name? Are the quotes (aside from Scripture) supported with a detailed source?

  • To acknowledge that I look at topics from as many perspectives as possible; for the purposes of discernment, right use, and a broader understanding.

"Assume nothing. Question everything. And start thinking," is the headline for The Thinking Atheist podcast hosted by Seth Andrews. Part quote from James Patterson, I find it highly interesting that the three headline statements are also integral to approaching a Life-long journey with Christianity.

Christian Perspective 2. To D R A W A T T E N T I O N towards implementing Discerning Spirits

  • View article "What is the Gift of Discernment, or Distinguishing, of Spirits?"

  • Well-balanced article that includes a fundamental statement, "As is the case with many of the gifts of the Spirit, Christians are divided over the meaning as well as the usage of this particular gift." ["...this particular gift," being the gift of discernment.]


The Bottom Line

I peacefully cultivate my inner and Spiritual Life upon from which I springboard my active practice. At the same time, I serve all beliefs and otherwise without compromise in the quality and effort for the service. I provided a welcoming atmosphere with neutral language, with a nonjudgmental and agenda-less approach.

I am here for you, so please feel free to contact me ahead of booking an appointment if you need more clarity or have questions.



W H Y M E N T I O N A N Y of T H I S ?

Respectfully, Empiricist, Agnostic, Atheist or other

it comes down to this: I am situated within a paradigm of non-fundamentalist Christian Spirituality, and these services touch Spirituality. Due to that, I must use very specific language to clarify the essential elements of how and what I am doing.

Especially as required for participants of the Christian faith; this information is essential, a necessity, to lay out, to make clear.

An A N A L O G Y

For those who do not identify with any faith group or who are not defined, it can be compared to walking into a Church building for a nondenominational support group. You are not attending a Church service, yet the framework for the space within which you are attending your meeting just happens to be a Church building! But no one needs to mention the church building to you; the support group meeting happens, the sessions happen. The building structure provides the place and space to go to for your support, and during the support group, the building structure itself is not talked about. Simple!

For my personal purposes and for staying grounded, I acknowledge that the Grace of the Holy Spirit is what makes the services of Our Charismata, our sessions, possible.

Yet, do I need you to believe this too? No!

Am I a "preachy" practitioner? No!

I have been attending to the widest variety of demographics, beliefs, non-beliefs, in-between-beliefs, and other, for nearly ten years now and my personal orientation has not ever been an issue. I do not discuss it, I do not "preach," or impose my beliefs into sessions, or correspondence... I only bring it up here because this is part of the transparency and representation aspect of my profession. Thank you for understanding.

Every background is a gift.

The session focuses on you and why Y O U are reaching out!


A D D I T I O N A L L Y | R E S T O R A T I O N within Christian Spirituality

I aim to help restore the clarity, propriety, inherently sacred nature, and the long, positive history of conveying the expression, Grace, of the Holy Spirit within the underrepresented Christian paradigm while: maintaining the supremacy of Scripture, not adding to, changing, or contesting Scripture, nor leading people to worship foreign gods.

Also, to acknowledge there is no intention to replace or substitute any Christian's act of putting God first in his/her/their Spiritual Life; of discernment, of worship, of study and reflection. The Our Charismata services are specifically an accompaniment, one resource; all the while acknowledging the sovereignty and omniscience of God.



D E S C R I P T O R S - let's get clear

The services offered within Our Charismata have many attributes that overlap with the descriptors: psychic, intuitive, mental medium, clairvoyant, and animal communicator.

In fact, there has existed a precursor to those descriptors but has had little, even scarce, representation for varying reasons; mainly because the precursor is within the context of Christianity - the word in itself can be triggering alone.

Within the Jewish and mainly Christian Scriptures, one can read about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, 1 Corinthians 12:1-11, and Isaiah 11:2-3. The "Insight Clairvoyant and Spiritual Counsel" are services provided by the gifts of the Holy Spirit meeting a receptive, reverent, and thankful me; in particular, wisdom, knowledge, and discerning/distinguishing spirits. [Talking about "prophesying" can be a bit complex and I address it elsewhere, to simplify its meaning for today's use.]

  • Wisdom, knowledge and Counsel gifts would loosely transfer, but are not identical, to the "psychic, clairvoyant, intuitive, insight, and animal communicator" descriptors.

  • Discerning spirits transfers, but is not identical, to "clairvoyant and mental medium." ...With the emphasis on the fact that I do not practice as the mediums and necromancers described in the Jewish Scriptures or Spiritist / Spiritualist practices.

Although there are, in writing, many similarities, I cannot profess to know that what a generalized psychic or medium provides is an exact likeness to what I have been born with and cultivated as the outcome of what the faith tradition I follow presents.

What descriptors are more recognized though? Which are most input into the internet search engines? So, with that I am at peace with including the language of 'psychic' and 'medium' as a form of short-hand, for convenience and the sake of time, as well as for showing up in internet search results. Yet, my Truest identifiers that are a mouthful are what I am really thinking and staying with even while I write, "Yes, your psychic reading is this Wednesday at 3pm."

Also, I can only speak for myself: I do not know what any other psychic or medium, clairvoyant, intuitive, life coach etc., is claiming as his/her/their source.

Many state, "of the light," "angels," or even appropriate archangels originally found within Catholicism as part of their "helpers team..." all the while remaining obliquely undefined, "vaguely spiritual," or openly atheist, [noted here without judgment].

When dealing in a dimension beyond the five senses, a Spiritual realm, and seeking or being present for assistance, I have come to understand that it is very necessary for the practitioner to have a Lived-in, well-known, Heart-known relationship with the source of the holy messages, with the Truth of reality that makes something like that possible, and with clear, deeply established boundaries.

There must be a careful and safely substantiated ground in which to carry on.

This is brought into writing for the safeguarding of the public, a topic that might inspire one "how" to think about this from various perspectives, and finally to share not-widely-written-about information for the reader's benefit.




For my personal practice, foundation, and beliefs there is a difference, and I must stick to the distinctions clearly. They may seem unimportant to most, and I am fine with you using whichever terms are comfortable for you!

Yet, in my being, I am attuned to, purposefully and for many important reasons, the descriptors that make it crystal clear about what is what. Doing this is an indicator that I only work with that which is in the realm beyond physical that is of a certain origin, and not of nebulous origins.

[Many people have the clear job of working with and for spirits and various messengers of “lower energetic dimensions.” [THIS IS NOT WHAT I PRACTICE.]

In Christian metaphysics, discerning origins in "realms beyond the physical," would be called “discerning spirits” (as mentioned above) and assuring that their origin is of Christ, which in psychic language might be referred to “of the Light.”

“Of the Light” is still too vague a descriptor as a premise for my personal practice, boundaries, and foundation. To be more exacting and precise in this Spiritual practice, it has been necessary for me to uphold the power in the words that are more definitive and descriptive.

The words spirit, light, guides, angels, messengers, helpers are broadly used and I can see how they seem more inclusive, especially for those who do not connect personally with any ongoing spiritual Life, or beliefs beyond kind intentions and the highest good for all.

Often, there is a strong aversion to the words or practices “religion”and "Christianity," as they are generally associated with corrupt institutions, or with limiting beliefs and unrealistic ways of thinking. So, it makes sense that any descriptors that connect a phrase like "The Holy Spirit" to an aspect of a session could be a negative trigger.

As I see it, that is why many psychics/mediums stick with vague terminology; to keep comfort levels cared for. I understand and appreciate all of that in a complex world, filled with misunderstanding (or negative experiences) around religion, doctrines, Spirituality in religions, and metaphysics.

At the same time, though, and this is most likely a generalization, using and practicing with vague descriptors also potentially means that the sources, and accompanying messages that arrive within the psychic/medium session are similarly coming from less defined realms of energetic resonance, because the practitioner has not defined in her being, for her practice, and for the safeguarding of her clients, an unmistakeable delineation of what is welcome and what is not welcome. [Again with"discerning spirits.' 1 Corinthians 12:8-11.]

I write this not in an accusatory tone also because I have seen that well-meaning psychics and mediums have not felt or seen the real need to do this, and they are also identifying with a kind of melting pot spirituality, if any. So, without any judgment, I simply bring this to light for your consideration.

Perhaps it makes no sense dear reader, and that is ok. There is meaning to it, and the understanding of the deeper Truth behind this writing is important for anyone working and providing services as a psychic, medium, or like myself, a person (who chooses to respectfully depart from the words psychic and medium) who conveys Spiritual Counsel by the gifts of the Holy Spirit [without contesting, adding to, or compromising the supremacy of Scripture].

The descriptors I choose are not meant to be less comfortable, or less welcoming. My presence remains: the services are I N C L U S I V E for clients of all backgrounds, all faiths, non-faiths, and other. There has been no complaint yet (8+ years) from any client during a session, or with any aspect of interacting with me regarding beliefs-talk infiltrating and disrespecting ethical boundaries.

To kindly re-emphasize

The Bottom Line

I peacefully cultivate my inner and Spiritual Life upon from which I springboard my active practice. At the same time, I serve all beliefs and otherwise without compromise in the quality and effort for the service. I provided a welcoming atmosphere with neutral language, with a nonjudgmental and agenda-less approach.

I am here for you, so please feel free to contact me ahead of booking an appointment if you need more clarity or have questions.


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