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A "Christian Medium" Is there such a thing?

Anne Marie clarifies how, within Christian Spirituality, the service she provides has everything to do with the gift of the Holy Spirit called "Discerning spirits," which is popularly similar - but not identical to - what people practicing as Clairvoyant Mediums provide.

Christian Medium and Discerning spirits


Key distinction You are not consulting "me" the 'medium' rather, you are receiving divine/transcendent Wisdom of the Holy Spirit that is conveyed, by Grace, through me.

Particularly, made possible by the gift of the Holy Spirit called "discerning spirits."

1 Corinthians 12:10

"Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God." 1 John 4:1

E S T A B L I S H E D P R E M I S E within C H R I S T I A N I T Y

So, it is established! When you (may have heard) hear, see, or read about people having professional, meaningful "readings" with genuine "Psychic Mediums" or "Clairvoyant Mediums," and the amazing stories that can go along with those legitimate experiences, well, those "readings" have been happening at Our Charismata too; those very genuine experiences, that wondrous content that unfolds, which often leaves everyone very moved...yet...

B o t t o m L i n e D i f f e r e n c e

Our sessions (that would be called "clairvoyant medium readings" elsewhere) are specifically and purposefully made possible by the gift of Discerning spirits!

And there is n o o t h e r S o u r c e o f p r o v i s i o n, to be carefully clear.


I am NOT in the world, place, belief, in the time, nor is the Source afforded to me {the gifts of the Holy Spirit of the New Covenant of Christ} the same as what is being referred to in the go-to-condemnation-of-mediums Leviticus verse 19:31


I do not like to call myself a "medium" in the popular, secularized use of the term because that leads often directly to the incorrect assumption that I am "consulting the dead" or any nebulous spirit, of any god-ideology-philosophy. Even "Christian Medium" (and I am splitting hairs here) is still too close (for me) to the too-often-negative-connotations with "Medium," yet I can be at peace with it because

  1. I have defined my premise, Source, and ethics in practice here; clarity for my Spiritual Life and personal compass, and for any person for whom this distinction matters.

  2. "Christian Medium" is a common term input into internet search engines; after "psychic medium," and, yes, I would like to 'be found' because it means the reach to help ease any suffering or grieving, to bring the benefits of a Life to Life session is not as restricted.

Professionally, I respect any Medium who practices with pure intention and honest motivation as I am or have been acquainted with several Mediums (who do not identify with Christian Spirituality, for instance) since opening this ministry worldwide.

Discerning spirits

O U R C H A R I S M A T A services, in sum, have zero consultation of "the dead" because the premise of my practice, by the Grace of God, rests on the Truth of the Resurrection in the New Covenant of Christ; of Life everlasting. John 3:16 2 Timothy 1:10

J O U R N A L P O S T: Why you will not find the buzz phrase "Connect with someone on the other side in Our Charismata."

Although the biological body dies, due to the Holy Spirit (and faithful mystery beyond any comprehension with my finite mind), those qualities that make the Loved one in the earthly form identifiable are brought forward; first to validate and discern the Spirit, and then to convey or relay any questions and messages by the other gifts of the Holy Spirit (wisdom, knowledge, counsel) for you, for your "Life to Life" session.

This is where being a steward to the mysteries of God comes into full realization. 1 Corinthians 4:1

I connect to those in Spirit with tempered and cultivated discernment so that there is no demonology happening. Period.

This has been firmly established with fierce and reverent Trust in God.

Again, it is by the Grace of the One Holy Spirit that I am made able to provide a communication bridge between you and a Loved one, or more, who is or are entirely in Spirit.

"Things which eye has not seen, ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all that God has prepared for those who Love Him." 1 Corinthians 2:9

Without a modern-day descriptor

My starting point, foundation, orientation, Biblical substantiation, and unshakeable faith that is within me despite myself, are what separates my "Life to Life," "Discerning spirits," "clairvoyant medium" service as being without a modern-day descriptor.

Solely for the ease of appearing in internet search results, yes, the phrases "clairvoyant medium" or "Christian medium" are used.

For those who want to drink certified organic, non-gmo orange juice; they look at the ingredient label to confirm the substance.

Likewise, I provide to the best of my ability how "CHRISTIAN MEDIUM" is defined within Our Charismata services:

"Christian medium," is someone (a person practicing the Christian way of faith, in this case) who can distinguish spirits and brings the gifts of the Holy Spirit to connect you with Messages of a departed Loved one.


Many Faith groups and religions forbid consulting the dead.

There are reasons for that admonition, and rightly so:

  • Who is doing it?

  • How? ... tools, drugs, fraudulently, maliciously, without a moral compass, while this person is also playing a video game?

  • Is it just an entertaining side hobby for the "medium" who has not purposefully and actively cultivated an ethical practice, competence, and evidentiary proficiency due to understanding the emotional weight such an experience can carry for the seeker?

  • With what intentions?

  • With what teachings, and with what beliefs?

  • What boundaries? [Do they keep you safe?]

  • Can that person Discern spirits? and recognize the presence of Divine Love / One Sprit, that of Christ?

It is important to be vigilant about all of the above as a safeguard for your self!

Also, to put it simply: in the premise of my foundation and service the word 'dead' does not apply.

Biological death occurs, yet we are only ever connecting with Life in the most everlasting sense.

Life continues and, therefore, is not dead, for it is Life; taking different interpretations through the five senses.

It is a gift to help in the process of illuminating how Life is continuous, and to be a quiet witness to a person's first realization of this, or to see a person's continued Peace of Mind provided by a session.

© Our Charismata

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