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Benefits of Services with Our Charismata

Specialized Spiritual Direction services can provide a bird's eye view with a hawk's acuity, but to what benefit? Here are just some examples of the benefits that the session options with Our Charismata may provide. {This is a work-in-progress-post.}

Intuition is subtle, often overlooked, yet it is valuable, useful, and instructive.

Sometimes, we can forget that intuition and perceiving reality with the Spiritual senses is truly part of all of Life, including ourselves.

When considering qualities like

intuition, "native perspicacity," "insight," "clairvoyance," "being able to communicate with 'animals'" (heart-based / telepathically), and having continuous access to the gifts of the Holy Spirit (depending on your paradigm),

it is interesting to know that everyone is included. Yes, remember to include humans who are diagnosed with dis-eases and the symptoms critically disable their ability to communicate verbally or in writing.

The range of intensity in relation to these innate qualities varies, and often at different times in our lives.

WHY include this information on the "Benefits" overview?

Here is why: because a session does not happen in isolation, you are present along with these innate gifts - no matter the felt intensity. This presence and extension of collaboration also applies to Animal Communication sessions, on the animals' contribution.

I simply intend to point out that your receptive presence is a welcome catalyst in the system of "Sessions with Our Charismata," which then allows for connections and content to be provided!

And so, there is thanks for you, for being open towards Life, for opening your Heart to what is possible.

BENEFITS generalized

There are inexhaustible opportunities for personal, relational, and Spiritual growth within each session, as well as strengthening the cultivation of the virtue of Faith. This is accompanied by True encouragement and compassionate support, especially for any indicated changes or steps that you are guided to take that may be outside of your comfort zone.

The Essential Checks and Balances - validation - for what you already intuit and know.

The Essential You are learning, we are all on a continuum, and the content provided is useful, instructive and applicable. We are aware of our non-attachment to one narrative.


Awakened and In Focus

Revelatory-level Guidance

  • Full of Tailored Insight that Informs Your Decisions; Steady with Clarity. An aid in your decision making process across a wide variety of situations.

  • Pinpointing innate gifts or potential that may be, or have been, overlooked.

  • Supplied with personalized answers to your important questions. Confirmation.

  • Validation about the path you are on, or are thinking about changing.

  • Assistance in navigating major Life changes, pivotal turning points.

Having a an overview of a situation through a wide angle telescope lens (the big picture), AND also the microscopic lens too; they compliment each other as resources.

  • There are so many moving pieces in our Lives and others', in the present and otherwise. These moving pieces all come into focus, fall into place and into context during and after a session.

  • Assistance in navigating relationships: family, romantic, workplace, community.

  • Shed old belief systems, or re-awaken and strengthen current beliefs.


Transformative Assistance for Grief and Bereavement

As A Supporting Companion alongside other wellness modalities for Grief and Bereavement

  • Adapting to change.

  • An alternative approach to embracing suffering.

  • A beautiful way to assist in transforming suffering.

  • Nourishing your well being in ways specific to you that may not have been seen or thought of before the session.

  • Allowing Peace as it is formed for your needs.


Develop, Strengthen, and Awaken Spiritually

  • Feel the presence of Divine Love fill you, which promotes well-being, inner Peace, Vitality.

  • Recognizing your gifts, Spiritual gifts, and strengths to offer or develop.

  • Recognizing what would be useful to nourish and what areas/topics are less of a priority at this time.

  • Connect with the deeper meaning when you are Journeying through an experience to which others cannot easily relate.

Transforming your Energy in the Moment

  • Connecting and identifying Potential, which is overflowing and gladly 'seen,' to be acted upon with discernment.

  • By nature, the process of having a session often transforms your energy/the way you are perceiving possibilities in the moment, which literally creates a current of momentum going forward. You are putting a new, refreshed energy pattern into motion.

  • Your action puts you, and your Life, on a path that is separate from the "old" and into a path for the new; a new stance in reality with founded (sacred) support for your most meaningful potential, and your dreams.

  • By opening your Heart during a session, your new path is being laid out as we speak, or is revealed; the Holy Spirit is the Creator of this Gift. Sometimes starting on a new path feels uncomfortable. Often, in a session, there are specified keys of support and encouragement provided for your consideration.


Check in with Your Animal Companion(s)

  • Get an update on their emotional and practical well-being, as well as what they need from you, or see for you.

  • Have a supportive, Spirit-led companionship as you navigate the 'end one Life' phase for your beloved animal friend(s).


Words for the Nonspeaking

Nonspeaking Autism, Parkinson's, ALS, Hospice, and similar diagnoses

  • Provision of fullest expression on behalf of your Loved One.

  • For those Living: I relay the needs/messages in situations where a person's communication abilities are impeded, but they still desire to be heard.

  • For those whose bodies have been diagnosed and are presenting dis-eases that severely interfere with means of communication by speech, technology or sign language; who are not able to express all of their thoughts and emotions that are independent of their diagnoses and symptoms.

Degenerative, Developmental, Neurological, Hospice, nonspeaking Autism, advanced Parkinson's, ALS, Alzheimer's, coma, stroke, in and out of lucidity, as examples.

When acknowledged and approached with the Spiritual senses, the essence of the session brings out the ever-present voice of your Loved one, often resulting in long-awaited for, applicable communication and connection. Questions asked, answers provided, a line of two-way communication for a True insight into the inner world of the otherwise “nonspeaking” Loved one.


Support and Insight for Near Death Experiences (NDE)

  • Establishing yourself in this world after surviving biological death.

  • Being Understood, Recognized. Assured. Resilience.

  • Steps forward.


Support and Mentorship Along your Path

  • Assisting you with navigating your own (newer) experiences with the expression of Holy Spirit (see also the 'clairs,'), and Animal Communication.

  • It can be helpful, orienting, and often very necessary, to address those experiences with a professional who can identify with you, clarify with you, assist you with what you are meant to know, all within an atmosphere of non judgment.


1 Corinthians 14:3 Spiritual Accompaniment

  • Edification, Exhortation, Consolation.

  • 1 Corinthians 12:7 "~But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: God gives gifts to benefit the whole body."



Across all faith, spiritual, non-spiritual, or not defined world views, Our Charismata services meet your presence and what brings you to connect, without agenda and without judgment. I have no intention of changing the way you think, changing what you believe; in our Sessions I simply dive into the content aspiring to honor you, and the content provided for you!


Divine Wisdom meets your needs and even fulfills needs that you have not considered yet.


May you be galvanized with purpose, encouragement, and insight through each session.

May your thoughts be uplifted.

May your thoughts be inspired.

Then, may your choices, behaviors, and renewed understanding

lead to actions that benefit all involved in exceptional ways!

Anne Marie

© Our Charismata

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