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Photo © Jeffrey Holcombe
Discerning Spirits Session
also known as
Gift of Discernment by the Holy Spirit
also known as but not identical in origin
"Clairvoyant Medium"


Intentionally establishing a strong current of communication with your Loved Ones who are in pure Spirit, beyond biological 'death,' and conveying their messages  and answers for  

y o u  about any and every topic in the perfect timing of Unconditional, Divine Love.

This service is a trusted companion in the grief therapy process.

Photo © Our Charismata
A Concrete Purpose
Reconciliation - Release of Regret

"I was not there when he/she/they died. I did not get the chance to say Goodbye."

"One great regret that I have is that my father said he wanted to talk to me, there was something he wanted to tell me.  I was busy and said, 'Let it wait until tomorrow.' Yet overnight my father died.  ...What was his message?"

These common feelings of regret, shame, or self-blame are honest and common themes for those seeking a Discerning spirits session.

People carry around the weight of not having closure, or of the last interaction with their Loved one being a fight, disagreement that caused hurt, silence out of anger, or having missed, put off, the opportunity to discuss a situation that would address sensitive reasons for forgiveness when the person was alive. They find themselves in a place of regret.

It is precisely during a session that these often gut-wrenching feelings and questions are addressed, and attended to with great care. We know this will help us move on with Living.

BEYOND the usual "I Forgive You," "I Love you," "I am proud of you." "It's Ok."

Those are truly very real messages to relay time and again. For me, they never get "old" to convey, yet I have found that the 'client'/seeker already knows this and finds hearing it redundant or not helpful for their present conditions. So, it is an honor to acknowledge those messages, as well as to listen more deeply for the roots, that which is transformational; ready to be shared and received, especially so that any regrets and sorrows can be genuinely unshackled. Suffering is eased, transformed, and so are we.

Life to Life and Discerning spirits Clairvoyant Medium reading


Discerning Spirits by the gift of the Holy Spirit session utilizes the intuitive mind,

the Spiritual senses, not the rational or logical part, to connect with and translate messages from

Loved ones who are completely in Spirit.


With an extraordinary call to Christian vigilance, ethics and best practices, I serve as the connector between you and your Loved ones, including animal companions who have "died;" no longer in the earthly form, but are Alive in Christ.



Y O U R   T R A N S L A T O R 

I access both inborn / gifted to me, and cultivated Discerning spirits gift of the Holy Spirit  [1 Corinthians 12] (which does share similarities with the range of Clairvoyant perception)in order to attune and serve as a facilitator of calm, balanced communication from your Loved ones who are no longer in the biological body; who have passed on. This process opens up a reciprocal conversation for you. It is safe, nurturing, and purposefully established to not be alarming, not to cause further suffering, but to support your wellbeing, to connect you with a powerful form of Love.

In addition to Discerning spirits,  SCIENTIFICALLY HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? An article from the esteemed Windbridge Research Center is a thought-inspiring resource.

This service also called a Clairvoyant Medium, yet it is not identical only because my origin Source for the content of the session is distinct. Due to my Christian Spiritual orientation, I understand that our session is made possible by the gift of the Holy Spirit called "discerning spirits." If you have connected with a genuine Clairvoyant Medium before, you may expect the same content, and steps for evidentiary validation.

The messages that I translate for you are conveyed to me through images, symbols, auditory, motions, conveyed emotions (which I feel strongly); the range for perceiving the Clair senses.

Zero Tools are used, and to respectfully emphasize: 

I am not a 'Physical Medium,' which sits in the context of the Spiritualist movement.

I am not practicing as a Medium or Necromancer in the Hebrew Scriptural or Spiritist contexts. 


I N F U S E D   W I T H   P E A C E

Each session creates its own atmosphere suffused with safety, Love. Each session creates the ability to transform what could be a potentially uncomfortable experience into one that provides surpassing Peace.

There are not any unwelcome surprises, revelations that catch you off guard, or bring you embarrassment; that is the nature of what happens when the Source for your session is transcendent, of unconditional Love, seeking your consolation and clarity.  It also helps that in my simple way, I attend to each session with upmost discernment, awareness, and full presence.

Therefore, my Heart is simply, humbly, inspired to let this possibility be recognized as having a True and valid place in the approaches towards highlighting wholeness, faith, assurance, assistance in the process of attending to grief, and clarity about and from your Loved ones who are no longer on the earthly form.

May it be approached free of negative bias and misunderstanding given its clearly defined context within Our Charismata.    D E F I N I T I O N S resource


May these sessions be honored as an authentic (uncorrupted) source to transform people's suffering, unresolved emotions, pain, grieving, and considerable burdens that have been carried around for much time after the loss of someone they Love, including animal companions (pets).

No matter how much time has passed,  thankfully, with Charismata, there is a way for me to follow my Heart and to be of service for you.


M E A N I N G F U L  

When needed, this  is  a pathway for powerful, meaningful restoration after the parting of a Loved One. 

With continually awe-inspiring connections, there is every form of evidentiary support that Discerning Spirits sessions may serve as valuable sustenance when combined with other wellness modalities.

My hope is that this modality may be more widely accepted as an extraordinary resource that supports other approaches to address grief and loss.

Clients are most commonly drawn to a Discerning Spirits session

to address the following

* Are you seeking validation that, "Consciousness (Spirit/Life) continues after biological death?"

* Do you have unresolved questions or issues that involve the one, or several, people or animals who have 'died' biologically?

* Would it ease your grieving if you could just get that final resolution and the weight that you have been carrying around lifted in an authentic specific-to-only-you way?

* Do you have any type of question for your Loved one (s)?

* Would you appreciate a different perspective on your Life from an infinite point of view full of Wisdom beyond what we could endeavor? [Not to the exclusion of going directly to God first and foremost.] 


* Are you ready to receive messages that inform you about beneficial changes for your Life, in specific, and even for those close to you?
This could mean some "homework" may be suggested in the way of highly personalized, Loving guidance.  You know, your Loved ones in Spirit really do see the "big picture," are up to date on your Life circumstances and are thrilled when they can "be heard," and even more thrilled if you act on what they communicate as a form of Loving guidance! [When needed, when asked for.]


* Are you seeking a boost in emotional balance, or encouragement, acknowledgement, inspiration?


* Would you like to rekindle fond memories that your Loved ones particularly care to show their Love and presence never stopped even though their physical body did?


* And more.​​

It is a gift to help in the process of illuminating how Life is continuous, and to be a quiet witness to a person's first realization of this, or to see a person's continued Peace of Mind as he/she/they approach the sessions with increasing Trust, and a deepened appreciation for its unparalleled way to reach directly into the Heart.

What Happens in a Discerning Spirits Session? 

I use what has been gifted to me, called "discerning spirits" from the the Holy Spirit. This is a meditative process of intentionally connecting with the unified consciousness of Life everlasting, led completely and only by the Holy Spirit. A Discerning Spirits session helps to reveal the strong connection that is always present with people or animals who are in pure Spirit (due to Christ conquering death at the Resurrection) because they are Living in the truest sense of the word. "Life Everlasting." Whether it was sudden, tragic, a slow painful process, or a natural 'end,' there are usually plenty of loose ends, answers needed, assurances, consolation, cherished memories shared. I can provide you these messages thanks to the expression of the Holy Spirit that flows in every Loving direction. One expression of the Holy Spirit are Holy Angels of Christ, and they happen to be/become your Loved One(s). 'Angel,' at its root meaning is "messenger." We want only 'Holy Angels of Christ' in our session, so that is also where discerning spirits, and clarifying our terms, comes into play. During a session most clients often feel the direct presence of Unconditional Love, as well as the Love and presence of one of more Lives who are no longer with us in physical form. The descriptions of feeling the intensity of the Love specific to a session have been called: 'too radiant for words,' 'validating,' 'strengthening my faith,' 'a divine experience.' I cannot force anyone, in specific, in Spirit show up at our scheduled time; God is sovereign over all aspects. Interestingly, with consistency, I find that you always receive messages and do connect with those in pure Spirit who are meant to meet you exactly where you are in your specific circumstances, at the time of the session.  Meaning: The Holy  Spirit, Divine Wisdom meets your needs, and even fulfills needs that you have not considered yet.

T H E  P R O C E S S  U N F O L D S    and more on   E V I D E N T I A R Y  V A L I D A T I O N 

Profound, Astounding, and Immeasurable Messages are given to me in visual, symbolic or auditory forms, which I translate and describe so that you can receive them with Love. Kindly keep in mind that the images conveyed to me that I describe may still be symbolic and not only literal. The specific symbolic meaning of the image is something that may immediately resonate with you, or something that we can explore further together. Additionally, the messages and symbols may become clear like an "ah-ha" moment in the days following the session, or require your personal discernment in the time following with the assurance that its message for you will be revealed. Symbols provided are for you to interpret, and along with me relaying to you descriptors of your beloved for you to validate; these are for the purposes to know that we are, espcially I am, on track / attuned to the situation and people involved correctly. Also About Symbols provided in sessions: I find that if I superimpose my interpretation onto the symbols given, it interferes. Rather, when you interpret the symbol(s), and perhaps share what it means to you / why it resonates, then we go forward with a stronger evidentiary validation for the session! The messages in my practice come from one primary Source, The Holy Spirit. Your term of reverence is honored. Additionally, any skepticism, uncertainty, or scientific curiosity about "Life after death" is welcome and met with respect. For professional Spiritual Direction service providers, the deepest of Truths may be named in diverse and personal ways, and there is honor held for the names that others revere, as well as for those who do not identify with any beliefs. ...Of Divine Love, Holy Spirit, Ruach ha-kodesh, your Holy Guardian Angels, Loved Ones in Spirit, Spirit Guides and/or/combination of my Holy Guardian Angels, Loved Ones in Spirit, and Holy Spirit Guides, Pure Consciousness, the Universe, Ultimate Dimension, Higher Self... No matter the 'name,' the source in my practice is unified under Divine Wisdom and Truth, and that of the highest Good for all involved, in addition to my job to discern the spirit(s) for the safeguarding of all involved. For Christians, the language I will use here is distinct. The Messages come from one source, God, the Holy Spirit. Holy Angels of Christ are messengers of God, as are your Loved ones in Spirit. From the outset, I 'vet' all sources of Information as being of Christ, or not (Discerning spirits).   With further respect to Catholic / Christian language; this work is for the edification, exhortation, and consolation of the Church and its members. It is specifically not the practice of necromancy or medium divination [see paragraphs 2115-2116 in the Catechism of the Catholic Church].


In my experiences as a provider, a Discerning Spirits session is positively transformative.

It can shed old belief systems, or re-awaken and strengthen current beliefs.

It can raise a lot of questions about existence and your worldview too.

And, a session could be just that pleasant breath of fresh air to give your Heart a lift, and a smile in your Soul.

Be assured that I take special measures and daily practice to ensure a very positive and balanced Discerning Spirits session, following Biblical guidelines with vigilance.

There is a way that Holy Spirit encompasses each session not with harsh surprises, not with bromides, but with patient Truth accompanied by peace, lovingkindness; a full understanding of where you are now and to show you what is productive, never disturbing or overwhelming. I believe it is a gift of the Holy Spirit given to comfort, console, and to be edifying for the Kingdom of God.

Photo © Our Charismata

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